BANANA FRITTERS/ केले के पकौड़े – Guest post by RATHAI’s RECIPES

Today the reins of the EFS are in the hands a dear blogger friend – Rathai, who is guest posting for EFS. The fact that she has been away from her blog for nearly nine months could not stop me from asking her to do a guest post for the EFS readers. I am so pleased to welcome Rathai today at EFS. She has a beautiful blog and her repertoire is diverse and interesting – crispy and spiced Lentil Fritters , luscious Lemon Curd & Meringue Pudding, beautiful and tantalizing Basbousa and also her moist Carrot Cake to name just a few.
Our mother’s or granny’s recipes are always special and cherished by us and it is indeed an honour for EFS that Rathai is sharing her Mum’s recipe of Banana Fritters here today. I am excited about this post since I have never tried banana fritters before and they sound so unique and so good! My family and I love south Indian cuisine and these fritters certainly tempt me into trying them asap! Thanks a lot Rathai for giving your precious time from your hectic schedule and doing this wonderful guest post for the EFS readers J
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It feels great to be back blogging after such a long gap and that too with my first guest post. I kept procrastinating this guest post because I haven’t held my camera for nearly 10 months and was really doubting myself. The first 10 minutes or so, I was pressing all the wrong buttons on the camera but after a lot of sweating and struggling, I was back on track and managed to take a few clicks before the sunset on a beautiful, sunny Friday. However, most of the pictures turned out a little dark. Thanks a bunch Taruna for giving me this opportunity to share your lovely space and for encouraging me to get back to blogging! 

Today I’m sharing with you my mother’s recipe for banana fritters. My mother is notorious for not using exact measurements when cooking (and lately it seems I have also picked up this habit of hers). But do not fear, the recipe is tried and tested and it is also very short.I have used Cavendish bananas but I’m not necessarily advocating them. I know there are some other varieties that are much tastier than Cavendish, so use your choice of bananas. 
2 overripe Cavendish bananas
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tbs caster sugar (adjust)
1/4 tsp baking powder
Oil for deep-frying
In a bowl, mash the bananas into a smooth paste and add sugar and mix. How much sugar you need really depends a lot on how sweet the bananas are and how sweet you want your fritters to be, so feel free to adjust the amount of sugar in the batter. In a separate pan, mix the flour with the baking powder and sift the flour into the bowl with the mashed bananas. Mix with a spoon. Heat the oil needed for deep-frying them. There should be enough oil for the fritters/dumplings to float around freely in the pan. Add a small amount of batter in the oil to check whether the oil is hot enough. If the dumpling floats to the top within a few seconds, it means that the oil is ready for frying. 
Once you have fried the first dumpling, taste and add more sugar in the batter (if needed) before frying the rest of the batter. Place droplets the size of a tablespoon and fry the dumplings at medium to high heat (not too high, which will make the fritters turn golden brown fast on the outside while the inside is still not done) until nice golden brown. Place the fried banana fritters on a plate with a tissue or absorbent paper after frying them. Serve them warm!
Thanks a ton again Rathai for this scrumptious guest post and your valuable time and effort J 

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  1. No, thank YOU for letting me share my mother’s recipe with everyone and for all the compliments and encouragement. I really needed that to get back to blogging and I hope I didn’t disappoint with my guest post. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m feel so overwhelmed by all the kind words and compliments guys. Thank you so much for all your valuable comments. Mahi, yes, it feel great to be back too. I can’t quite put into words how it felt like to be holding the camera again. 🙂

  3. These banana fritters look delicious and with some honey and cinnamon on top of them absolutely perfect! Beautiful guest post!

  4. These banana fritters bring by my own childhood memories…my mother used to make them and we called them banana pillows. 🙂 Lovely!

  5. Oh these look gorgeous!!I love fritters of any kind and these sweet ones are calling my name :)Great guest post !!!

  6. My mother was big with banana fritters as well. I loved them! Your fritters sound a lot like mom’s. So good! You’ve definitely inspired me to bring back this favorite treat into my kitchen. Thanks!

  7. I am so pleased that Rathai’s Banana’s Fritters won so many kudos which they rightly deserve.

    Thanks everyone for your constant support and kind words. They are always appreciated by EFS 🙂

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