There are umpteen number of reasons why we all are running our respective blogs. It could be for a creative outlet for one’s talent or to creatively utilise excess time on hands. Certain others blog to showcase their cooking and photography skills while for some it is about assembling family recipes and their various successful experiments in the kitchen at one place which is accessible to their family and friends. Whatever the reasons may be, one common thread that binds each one is – sharing. It is all about sharing one’s precious/ favorite recipes and skills with a larger base of people. And that is what the food blogging community is all about. It is a wonderful community where everyone supports, cheers and encourages each other besides motivating and inspiring.

I had never been very regular with my Instagram account earlier but at the behest of a blogger friend, I started posting on a regular basis. And I am so glad that I begun doing that coz I came across some wonderful bloggers and made some amazing friends. It is always nice to know the faces behind the blogs and even more so about what makes them tick.

One such blogger that I came across is Kamini and when she asked me if I would be interested in doing a guest post for her, I was more than happy to oblige. Kamini is a passionate cook/ baker and runs a vegetarian blog by the name Kitchen Therapy (do check out her blog and her delicious recipes). Besides being a Communications Consultant for corporates, this beautiful lady has authored a book – The Morning After. She is a regular contributor to Indian’s largest selling national publication ‘The Times of India’ and its various publications. It is an absolute pleasure being a part of your ‘In your Kitchen’ series, Kamini. 😊 You can follow her here – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter  and Youtube.

The cake I am sharing is a family favorite; one, that my daughter never seems to get enough of! Do try it in your kitchen and I promise you, it will surely delight you. The only advice I would give here is, use good quality chocolate for this cake. Dash over to Kamini’s space to grab the recipe for this scrumptious cake.

Thanks for visiting and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!