Making this dish was easy but christening it became quite a task for me. I really don’t know if the title aptly describes this dish but my mind simply refused to churn out an apt name for it and this is all I could think of!! Any suggestions, anyone?
I used to help my Mom prepare this dish when I was in high school and now I prepared it after nearly two decades!! During that one year I used to make it so often that I got seriously bored of eating it J

Now, when my daughter told me that she wanted to eat something that should be different from what I usually make – cakes/ cookies/ puddings, this recipe came forth from the recesses of my mindthankfully! J

The combination of chocolate and coconut is so yummy that children often love them. Best thing about this dish? Well, you can involve the kids to help you make them and trust me; they are going to have fun and thoroughly enjoy themselves! J
The ingredients are simple and often available in most kitchen pantries – biscuits, drinking chocolate, cocoa powder, butter…Well here are the details of the ingredients that would go into it:
For the biscuit roll:
20 Marie biscuits or any digestive biscuits
4 tbsp (not too heaped) drinking chocolate
1 tsp cocoa powder
For the filling:
4 tsp unsalted butter (softened)
6 tsp desiccated coconut (dried powdered form)
3 tsp caster sugar (or to taste)

In a grinder, grind the biscuits to a powder along with the drinking chocolate and cocoa powder.
Take out the contents in a plate and using water (sparingly- maybe 2 to 3 tbsp) knead it in the form of a dough (somewhat firm).
Roll out the dough in the form of a pizza/ chapatti.
In a bowl, mix together the butter, desiccated coconut and sugar.
Apply this mix all over the rolled out biscuit dough. (see pic above)
Now carefully, from one end start rolling, towards inside, the rolled out ‘chapatti’ to form a roll.
Wrap this roll in a cling film and refrigerate it in the fridge for 20-25 minutes.
Take it out from the refrigerator and cut it evenly in slices (not thin) and serve immediately. 

Notes: Adjust the amount drinking chocolate and cocoa powder to suit your taste.

Note: Also, you can adjust the amount of desiccated coconut. My mom used to use equal amounts of all the three ingredients in the filling but I prefer more of coconut.
Note: This dish needs to be kept refrigerated and taken out just before serving or else the biscuit mix and butter filling will soften.

Serves 3-4 

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