HALDI ADRAK MIRCH KA ACHAAR- हल्दीअदरक मिर्च का अचार (Turmeric Ginger & Green Chilli Instant Pickle)

While in my marital home, it is the chutneys that rule the roost, at my maternal home it was pickles. Chutneys are a regular feature at my marital home; may that be mango chutney (which is seasonal actually), tomato chutney, Green Mango Tomato Chutney or even tamarind chutney. A jar of all, or either, is always sitting in the fridge…at all times!

Besides green chutney, that is a common favourite in both homes, pickled onions and pickled ginger with green chilies were an absolute favourite at my Mum’s. I am not really the Indian pickle (the hot and tangy ones) kind of person and the one pickle that I relish most is the mixed vegetable pickle since the flavours are sweet, sour and spicy. However I love veggies, onions, ginger and chilies pickled in vinegar or lime such as this one. The sweet and sour flavours find favour with me. And what’s best, these pickles are breeze to make and you can always make fresh small batches as and when you need them. Since it is effortless to make, I suggest the same for this pickle as well i.e. making small batch every time you need it.

While most Indian pickles require time, some require to be ‘ripened’ or ‘matured’ in the heat of the sun, this one is a no fuss and instant kind of pickle. Unlike the pickled onions that one finds in most Indian restaurants, pickled ginger and green chilies are very homey kind of thing. You will probably find it served with curries and parathas in many Punjabi households especially during winter season, although at my mother’s (and now my brother’s) it was perennially present on the table along with green chutney. 

This pickle aids in digestion since ginger is good for the gut. So, go, make a batch and enjoy it with whatever you fancy – salads, burgers, wraps, curries or stuffed parathas. Root turmeric or kachi haldi is difficult to consume as it can be very bitter but served this way it is easier to consume and in making it a part of one’s regular healthy diet. 

Moisture is doom for any kind of pickle, therefore exercise caution while making, storing and serving the pickle. Store in a dry bottle or jar and use a dry spoon to take the pickle from jar.  

100 gm Fresh Turmeric (Kachi Haldi)

100 gm Root Ginger (Adrak) 

6–8 Green Chilies (adjust amount according to the heat)

5–7 Limes, juiced (the amount will vary depending on how juicy the limes are)

2 – 2½ tsp Salt

Wash and pat dry green chilies and remove the stems. Cut them in an inch size. (de-seed them if you so desire) Set aside.

Wash and pat dry the turmeric and ginger. Peel both and slice the turmeric, as shown in the picture above. (you can make juliennes if you like). 

Slice and make juliennes of ginger. 

Transfer ginger and turmeric in two separate containers and add a teaspoon of salt in each. (I always keep the ginger and turmeric separate. Feel free to mix them if you like)

Divide the green chilies between the two. Stir well and set aside for ten to fifteen minutes. (add more salt only if required) 

Add lime juice and adjust amount of juice to ensure that the contents are nearly covered in the juice. Allow the ginger and turmeric to sit in the lime juice for at least two hours.

The ginger will begin to change the colour to a pretty pink.

Although the pickle is ready to be consumed, however the flavours are better (read less pungent) when consumed after a day or two.

Transfer the ginger and the turmeric pickle in separate jars and store them in the fridge and consume it within ten days. (Check Notes below)

Note – Try to pick fresh and less fibrous root ginger. The younger and tender it is, the better it will taste in the pickle. 

Note – Feel free to alter the amount of chillies or ginger to your liking.

Note – The chilies I used were hot therefore I deseeded them before adding them to the pickle

Note – Do not consume the brine i.e. the lime juice in which the pickle sits since the salt content is too high.

Thank you so much for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe! 

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