AAMRAKHAND / MANGO SHRIKHAND – आम्रखंड (Mango Yogurt Dessert)

Shrikhand is a very popular yogurt dessert in Maharashtra and the adjoining state of Gujarat. Khand means sugar or sweet and the dessert is basically Indian version of the Greek yogurt, but sweetened. Most Indian households prefer making yogurt at home. A bowl of homemade yogurt is always sitting in my fridge throughout the year but especially through the summers. We enjoy it with our meals as some sort of raita with simple addition of spices such as black pepper powder, roasted and crushed cumin powder and some chaat masala. Or it is enjoyed for dessert with jaggery or sugar added to it. Bengalis enjoy it in the form of Mishti Doi  while western India enjoys it as shrikhand. Add mangoes to it and it becomes aamrakhand. You can also check out these creamsicles I made using mishti doi.

Yogurt is strained through a cheesecloth or muslin cloth for a few hours or overnight to attain thick yogurt called chakka or hung curd. The yogurt is then whisked to attain a light creamy kind of texture and traditionally cardamom or saffron is added to it for flavour and nuts are garnished before serving.  Super simple, super easy and super delicious! You will find many fruity versions of shrikhand.

We enjoy our Strawberry Shrikhand as much, as we enjoy the mango shrikhand. A chilled bowl of plain or fruity shrikhand is ideal to end a meal in summers or to just enjoy for breakfast or for snacking.

Despite the current lockdown like restrictions in Mumbai, I was lucky to have a lady in our building complex rope in someone to deliver  beautifully sweet and juicy Alphonso mangoes at our doorsteps. So you might be seeing some mango based dishes in the coming weeks 🙂 In fact, I have created this skinny version of mango cheesecake that I can’t wait to share next!

Feel free to adjust the ratio of ingredients to suit your taste. I usually do not need to add any sugar since the mangoes are always super sweet. Therefore, you will not find mention of sugar in the ingredient list. In case you need to add sugar, go for powdered sugar / confectioner’s sugar / icing sugar for easier assimilation or use natural sweetener such as agave nectar, honey or coconut sugar. Two simple ingredients are all that you need, to make this dessert…how good is that!

1 kilo Yogurt

2 large Alphonso Mangoes, pureed (Dasheri or Kesari also work well)

1 Cup of diced Mangoes, for serving (optional)

Chopped Nuts, for serving (optional)

Take a large sieve and line it with cheesecloth or muslin cloth. Place the sieve over a pot (to catch the drips from the yogurt) and pour yogurt over it. Cover the yogurt and place the yogurt in the fridge for four to five hours or overnight to drain most of the water from the yogurt. (I always drain it overnight) Do not discard the water you attain after straining the yogurt. It is full of nutrition. Use it to make smoothies and lassi.

Place the strained yogurt in a mixing bowl and whisk it to incorporate some air in it and to attain a smooth creamy texture. (do not use a blender) Gradually add the mango puree and fold it in.  Taste the yogurt and adjust the amount of mango and/ or sugar, if required.

Place it in the fridge again to chill for an hour before serving. Serve in individual bowls of glasses, garnished with some chopped mangoes and nuts of your choice. (I usually pour it in individual glasses or bowls before I set it in the fridge to chill) Enjoy!

Serves – 5 to 6

Note – It is a wonderful summer dessert to serve to guests. Transfer the shrikhand in individual glasses and cover it with a cling wrap or foil. It is perfect to make a day or two ahead of when you intend to serve it. Simply garnish before you serve.

Thanks for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe.

17 thoughts on “AAMRAKHAND / MANGO SHRIKHAND – आम्रखंड (Mango Yogurt Dessert)

  1. Wow, this sounds fantastic, Taruna! Mangoes are a bit hit or miss here in terms of flavor, but now I want to find some good ones to make this recipe. It truly does sound like an amazing summer dessert!

    1. Thanks David. It is one of the simplest and tastiest summer dessert 🙂

  2. Anything with mangoes am in, this looks so delicious with the lovely color of the alphonso mangoes…yummy!!

  3. Wow, this is incredible! So simple, but it looks so delicious. When you say “pulped,” I’m guessing you mean what I’d call “puréed,” because it looks so smooth. I’ve got to try this!

  4. I could have done with this delicious pudding last night after our first BBQ of the season. It looks like the most perfect light and delicious summer dessert!

    1. Absolutely Neil. With its probiotic goodness, it would have made a great dessert to finish the BBQ 🙂

  5. We’re enjoying some exceptional Alphonso mangoes too now – here in Canada the season of really good imported mangoes is really short, unfortunately. This dessert looks so luscious and fresh! Absolutely wonderful combination. I can imagine this with my favourite cashew nuts. I also see you garnished the dessert with dried rose petals – I think I totally need to pair these two flavours!

    1. Thanks Ben. You can go ahead and add any nuts of your choice 🙂
      As for the rose petals, Indians love to garnish them or even use them in their desserts. Besides that, they are bloggers best friend as they help bring a pop of colour to the desserts and make them look pretty.

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