MEETHA DALIYA / मीठा दलिया (Pepped up Broken Wheat Porridge)


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This is a re-post of my previous post on broken wheat porridge that I had uploaded during my very first year of blogging and it happens to be one of the very initial posts. Daliya or broken wheat is very popular ingredient in Punjab. It is served in both savoury and sweet forms. The savoury one is served as a khichdi for lunch or dinner along with a variety of chutneys, pickles, drizzle of ghee and crisp cracking poppadum. While, the sweet one is usually consumed as a porridge for breakfast. At my mum’s house it was mostly served hot with no toppings of any sort. Perhaps a few chopped almonds were added but nothing more than that. I prefer having it cold or at least at room temperature garnished with fruits and nuts and a drizzle of honey. Makes it way better than plain porridge and not to forget prettier and healthier too! The best thing about this porridge is that you can make it the previous night and in the morning, if you find the consistency getting too thick, add a few teaspoons of milk and you are good to go. The consistency should be almost similar to Oats Porridge although the thickness is more of a personal choice. This porridge is a nice break from the regular oats porridge and I have found that most children like it better than eating oats.

The humble porridge taking on a different avatar for Hopscotch, the online store selling baby and kids brands from around the world, but not in the traditional sense. Every day, the store launches new limited-time boutiques. Members receive a daily email revealing the latest boutiques. You can find more details here. Hopscotch has introduced a new feature at their Facebook & Instagram account where along with their merchandise, they also share recipes for their readers and patrons every month provided by yours truly. So keeping this post short, I will lead you straight to the recipe

½ cup broken wheat or daliya/ dalia (I used the smaller grains)

2 cups water

350 ml milk

1 tsp fennel seeds

Sugar to taste OR drizzle with honey YzFGRx1457854359

For Topping:






Nuts of your choice

Seeds of your choice

Dried Cranberries, etc

In a pan, roast the broken wheat till it becomes golden brown.

Add water and fennel seeds to it and cook till it softens. Add milk and let the contents come to a boil. Simmer on medium low flame till milk and broken wheat are well assimilated and start to thicken just a little bit.


Switch off the heat. Stir in the sugar. Allow the contents to cool or serve warm with fruits of your choice. If you intend to have the porridge with fruits, ensure that it is not hot, else one, they will taste horrible and two, they will release water and turn mushy.

Note: I have never cooked broken wheat in an open pan. Rather to hasten the process of cooking, I have always used a pressure cooker. Cook till the broken wheat has turned soft. If you use a pressure cooker, ensure that you cook it on the lowest possible heat.

Note: I like the porridge slightly thick so I cook it for a little more duration than normal along with milk. Also, I love to load it with fruits and nuts.

Note: You can prepare and refrigerate the porridge a day before and serve it cold the next morning.

Note: For some extra flavour feel free to add a pinch of cinnamon powder or cardamom powder.

Note: Feel free to chop the fruits and mix them into the daliya. I have displayed them garnished over the daliya for aesthetic purpose only.

Serves – 4


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  1. Now that is a very lovely porridge! Have never had a porridge like this and hope to give it a try soon. Hope you are enjoying your time off from blogging.

    1. Thanks Shibi. I hope you give it a try. Its really wonderful served chilled.

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