MEETHI SAUNTH / मीठी सोंठ (Dry Ginger in Sweet Cream)


My post on Meethi Sauth or Dry Ginger in Sweet Cream happens to be extension of this post that I uploaded approximately two years back. I dropped a mention of this sweet creamy concoction in that post with a promise of posting it soon but somehow happened to lose the opportunity to post it during the last two year.

Despite having grown up in the north of the country, I am not at all fond of winter season coz my memories of the winters are not pleasant ones; I often used to suffer from frostbite and the terrible cold in absence of central heating (non-existent still) only made matters worse and made me feel more miserable. No amount of heavy clothing could comfort me. After retiring for the day, by the time I would start to feel warm and snug in the bed, it would be time to wake up and leave for school.
The only thing that excited me getting up in the mornings was this delicious saunth which Mum would make diligently throughout the winter months besides a delicious gruel made from chick pea flour. I have virtually grown up having the gruel and the meethi sauthi with a glass of piping hot milk, first thing in the mornings, during the cold freezing days.

Best thing about this super simple and quick recipe is that there is no particular ratio in which you need to add the ingredients and it is ready within two minutesliterally. Tweak them to suit your taste and enjoy with a hot cup of milk.

I used the following ratio,
6 tbsp cream (feel free to use low fat)
4-5 tsp dry ginger powder (saunth) {+/- as desired}
5-6 tsp caster sugar {+/- as desired}
Put all the ingredients in a small pan (better if you have a heavy bottomed one).
Switch on the heat to medium low.
Keep stirring the contents till they begin to bubble on the edges.
Lower the heat to minimum and cook for approximately a minute. (No more than that)
Serve warm or cold with a hot glass of milk.
This keeps well for approximately a week in the refrigerator.
Note: If you wish to serve it hot, just add a few tea spoons of milk while reheating it.
Note: Since dry ginger powder is a warm spice, serve no more than a tea spoon a day to the kids.

Learn more about Dry Ginger Powder HERE Thanks for visiting and see you soon again!


53 thoughts on “MEETHI SAUNTH / मीठी सोंठ (Dry Ginger in Sweet Cream)

  1. Perfect for winter! I love your spoons in the photo. Although I love winter, I have to agree with you that it is harder in Delhi with no central heating. Dressing in 2 jackets inside and a hat is not all that fun!!

  2. Is it a cream? Can I use it as a spread? I am keen to introduce more ginger in my recipe. This week I prepared for the first time a ginger tea 🙂 Now I’d like to try this recipe, the story behind it makes it so authentic, so true, it is almost like you added a magic ingredient in it…

  3. We don’t have winter over here but I’ve traveled during winter and……… I just couldn’t take it. I am gave up, didn’t get down from the coach to see places and wore almost everything, layers of clothes.
    Never heard of meethi but it looks good. Can I use fresh ginger as well??

    1. This concoction certainly helped me keep flu and cough at bay during those cold winter days. Despite the frost bite that I used to have, I do not remember ever falling ill during winters! I attribute it to the dry ginger powder 😀

  4. OMG great recipe and I must try this…maybe tonight. Ginger is so good if you are cold or are sick. I feel for you for what you endured as a child. Its the humidity that gets you. I understood that traveling. I may be in harsh winter Canada but we have to luxury of heating everywhere when indoors.

  5. What a bad memories of winter you have.. poor little kid 🙂 . I hate winters too although Colorado is not as bad as the northern states , but I have been born and lived most of my life in Egypt where we see snow only on TV. I love your recipe.. warming, nutritious and easy. I would love to try it with my kids, just have a silly question what do you mean by cream? Is it the liquid stuff or the creamy like Nestle?

  6. I’m hearing of this saunth for the first time, but it looks really good. And just like u I hate the cold as well, inspite of all the central heating n all where I live now. I use dry ginger in my tea all the time along with some powdered cardamom and cloves…

  7. I never heard of this before and I like it! Ginger is such a great spice to warm you up from the inside out so I can see how this would be perfect in hot milk in the winter months. Thanks! I need as many warm up drinks as I can find!

  8. Damn, i really want it through out my rainy days lately…
    we had the same drink here in Indonesia, it’s called wedang jahe (ginger milk),
    i guess nothing more comforting than kicking hot creamy ginger drink then!

  9. Ugh, yes, I don’t miss the cold at all, now that we live in the tropics. I grew up in S.A. and then spent almost 30 years in the cold, white North. Your mom sounds like a darling…this sounds like warm memories to me.

  10. Winter here in HK is not that bad even without heater 😀 Nothing more comforting than a hot drink during chilly days . Your ginger in sweet cream is what I need right now . The first photo is fantastic ! You’ve captured the steam from that hot drink beautifully 😀

  11. Wow, this is so interesting…and it is sure prefect for the cold weather…ginger and cream…
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are having a fabulous week 😀

  12. I had the same problem with the cold and I still have if I am in Europe during winter. I come from the mountains so cold is omni present. I would cut wood with my dad for the oven to heat the house. Do you know why you are so vulnerable to the cold? I could never figure out my case, but I always thought it has something to do with the iron amount in the blood.
    Taruna even though in Goa, and the winters are not that harsh, I would gladly enjoy a cup full of your warm ginger milk. =)

    1. You rightly said Helene. It has to do something with low hemoglobin. When I was in my early twenties, my hemoglobin levels improved and I could stand the chill better than before but now I am accustomed to living in warm weather and can’t stand cold of the norther India. The thought of visiting Delhi gives me shivers 😛
      Besides including iron in your diet, you should also increase your intake of Vit C to boost immunity. It really helps. Sweet limes are in season and you should make the most of them. Juice them and include them in your daily diet.

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