It happens so many times that I visit the market to buy a particular food ingredient, with a recipe in my mind, but always end up making something else out of it! The same happened to the minced chicken that I bought from the super market. I thought of making a Kashmiri chicken dish using the chicken mince but seeing my husband’s enthusiasm for it, I immediately abandoned the thought. For some reason, the thought of eating minced chicken does not fancy him. He is inclined more towards minced mutton or keema. He often tells me that there is no comparison between the rich flavours of lamb meat to that of chicken meat; I too feel that lamb meat is much more flavoursome and much tastier than chicken. However, being red meat, mutton is not often served on the menu at home. But right now I had to think about the minced chicken!

I had to make up my mind as to what do I do with the chicken mince. The minced chicken kept sitting in the freezer for over three days before something flashed in my mind. A few days back while I was waiting at the parlour, I started flipping through the pages of a magazine. I saw the pics of minced chicken balls which looked so yummy but before I could read the recipe, I was called in by my hair dresser. The thought of them remained at the back of my mind and suddenly I remembered the pics of that dish. I instantly knew what I wanted to do with the minced chicken J

These patties are really fast to make. Here is what all I used to make the mini chicken patties:

320 grams of minced chicken (approximately)
1 medium onion (finely grated and water removed)
2/3rd tsp ginger paste
2/3rd tsp garlic paste
2 large green chillies (finely chopped or pounded to paste)
1 tbsp (heaped) finely chopped coriander
Juice of half a lemon
Salt to taste
Oil to fry (I used pomace-olive oil)

To serve:

Sweet Chilli Sauce
Mix all the ingredients together and moisten your hands to form small patties. I used one heaped tsp of the mixture for each patty.
In non-stick pan pour a little oil and grease the pan well. Start adding the patties and cook them on medium low heat.
Flip them over and cook the other side.
Remove them on a kitchen towel and place them on a serving platter.
Serve hot with the sweet chilli sauce.

Note: You can place toothpicks on the serving platter so that the guests can help themselves without messing their hands while dipping the patties into the sauce.

Serves 4

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