First, my apologies for not being regular with my posts and also for not being able to visit your blogs. I had travelled to Delhi to drop off my daughter so she could spend her vacation time with her grandparents, uncle, aunts and cousins. But unfortunately we both became unwell as soon as we landed here. Further on, for some reason or the other my stay has been getting extended. It is still not certain when will I eventually return to Mumbai. Thanks for this and another post that I had saved in a folder, I have at least something to share with you all!! J

This simple grilled fish with a nutty crunchy exterior and a moist flaky inside required me spending least time and effort in the kitchen, has less amount of spices yet yields wholesome and satisfying meal. Normally I make fish in curries but this one time I decided to make it grilled and serve it with a salad. This recipe requires no stirring of the masala or chopping of onions or making a ginger- garlic paste. (The only chopping work required is for the coleslaw, which is actually very little).As such fish takes least time to cook therefore it is perfect to cook for a hot summer day. All you need to do is crush the nut…that’s it! Rest, you only need to assemble the ingredients together, dunk the fish fillets into a bowl, then into another and grill it. Simple!

I have used semolina instead of bread crumbs and I am pleased with the result. The sweetness of the coleslaw pairs fabulous with the kick of mustard and the crunch of nuts.
For the fish
2 fish fillet
A dash of lemon
1 tbsp almonds
1 tbsp semolina (suji)
¼ tsp garlic powder
1 tsp Dijon mustard (mustard sauce) – +/- adjust to taste
1 tbsp coconut cream
Crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
2-3 tsp olive oil
Wash the fish, pat dry and add a dash of lemon and a light sprinkle of salt on the fish.
Mix together the coconut cream and Dijon mustard.
Coarsely crush the almonds and add semolina, garlic powder, crushed black pepper and salt to taste. Spread it on a plate.
Dip the fillet in the coconut cream-mustard mix and coat it with the almond mix. Press the mix over the fish so that it is well coated.
Heat a grilled pan and put 1 tsp of oil. Gently place the fish on the grilled pan and cook for half a minute each side or till done
Note: Instead of mixing salt and pepper in the crushed almond mix, you can season the fish with salt and pepper after dipping it in the coconut cream-mustard mix and then coat it with almond mix and grill.
Note: Cooking time of the fish will depend on thickness of the fillet.
Note: You can omit coconut cream and use only mustard if  you like strong pungent flavours of mustard.
Note: I used Rohu fish and any firm white fleshed fish will work well for this. 


½ tbsp shredded carrot
1 tbsp finely shredded cabbage
½ tbsp green grapes
½ tbsp black grapes
½ small sized apple (chopped)
2 tbsp yogurt (Greek style if possible)
2 tsp low fat mayonnaise
A pinch of freshly ground crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
Mix together the yoghurt and mayonnaise and add salt and pepper.
Toss together all the ingredients and add the dressing.
Mix well and serve chilled.
Note: Mayonnaise is optional and you can substitute it with more yoghurt.
Note: Feel free to alter the amount of ingredients to suit your taste.
Note: Throw in some raisins if you like to.

Serves 1
Thanks for your visit and see you soon again 


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  1. 10
    Curry and Comfort

    I love the crust on this fish… well done! Sorry to hear you and your daughter have been ill… and your trip extended longer than you expected. Hope it works out for you. Take care and get well… ~ Ramona

  2. 15

    sorry that you and your daughter both got sick on your trip. Hope you’re feeling better now. You must be since you whipped up this wonderful meal. Love the way you prepared the fish and what a simple, but tasty coleslaw! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  3. 16
    Vicki Bensinger

    I hope you are feeling better now and your daughter is able to enjoy her stay with her grandparents.

    This dish sounds wonderful. I like the blending Of the coconut milk and Dijon. Anything with coconut sounds great to me. And the coleslaw ingredients with grapes sounds delightful and light using yogurt. Thank you For sharing your recipes. I hope you have a safe journey back home.

  4. 18
    Tina Bk

    The crust ingredients are such a unique blend. You made some great choices with the semolina and the mustard-I am sure it was delicious. Also, the coleslaw has some wonderful elements as well-very complimentary flavors and textures. Thanks for sharing these recipes!

  5. 30

    Oh, I hope you and your daughter will be 100% soon. I’m sorry you’ve both been ill 🙁

    Your fish looks so crispy and wonderful!!! SO yummy~

  6. 37

    This is delicious and I am glad you shared it with us! But I am more worried about you. I hope you and your daughter are feeling well again and that you take care of the things you need to do and enjoy your time together! We’ll be here when you get back! Safe travels…. : )

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