Although I began using chia seeds not long back, they have certainly become a vital and integral part of our diet. The ease with which chia pudding can be made, makes it such a convenient breakfast option especially for hectic weekday mornings. All that one needs to do is soak them at night (or 4 – 5 hours) in milk or any liquid that you wish to use and the next morning, the seeds are all plumped up, ready to be served with toppings! And you get a healthy and gluten free breakfast ready, without any effort. Do incorporate them in your diet coz they are rich in calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, Vit B1 and B2.

Some left over frozen pumpkin puree from the curried quinoa pancakes that I had earlier made, is the reason why I ended up making this parfait. The left-over puree was so little in amount that I could not use it for making bread or muffins. Also, coffee chia pudding had been on my mind since a few weeks and for those regular here would know why. Can’t have a hot cuppa and this is one of the few ways I get my coffee fix. Therefore, this parfait happened instead. Something told me they should pair well together. And I am so happy with the taste and combination of flavors of pumpkin and coffee. Together, they tasted amazing! The robust flavors of coffee hold beautifully against the sweet warm flavors of cinnamon scented pumpkin. Perfect for this weather 🙂

For Pumpkin Chia Pudding

1/3 C Pumpkin Puree (mine was thick home made)

½ C Milk of your choice

2½ tbsp. Chia Seeds

A pinch of Cinnamon

1 – 1½ tsp Agave Nectar (adjust to taste)

For Espress Chia Pudding

½ C brewed Espresso (cooled)

6 tbsp Milk of your choice

5 – 6 tbsp Chia Seeds

4 tbsp Coconut Sugar or any sweetener of your choice

In a bowl, mix together the puree, milk, cinnamon and agave nectar. Stir in the chia seeds and set aside for 10 minutes.

In another bowl, add espresso, milk and sugar. Stir in the chia seeds and set aside for 10 minutes.

(Keep both contents of both bowls separate from each other)

After 15 minutes, stir both the mixtures with a spoon till there are no lumps.

Keep the bowls separately in the refrigerator for 4 – 5 hours or preferably over-night.

In the morning, stir the contents again.

Take glasses or bowls in which you intend to serve the pudding and transfer a few teaspoons of pumpkin chia pudding and top it with espresso chia pudding.

Add toppings of your choice and enjoy! (After I added the toppings, I drizzled over some organic date syrup to seal the deal)

Note: You may want to adjust the amount of chia seeds depending on what kind of milk you are using and what consistency you prefer.

Note: The amount of sugar will depend on how strongly brewed your coffee is. Taste it and adjust accordingly.

Note: I used the following toppings: chopped walnuts, figs (dried, which i had soaked in hot water for a few minutes and then chopped), dried cranberries, cacao nibs, Kitkat bar and coffee flavored biscuits. Absolutely YUM!

Serves – 2 – 3

Thanks for your visit. See you soon again with another exciting recipe!



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