SPICED CASHEWS & ALMONDS – मसालेदार काजू बादाम

Each year, post Diwali, I am left with a glut of nuts since they happen to be the most popular choice for gifting friends and relatives. It is kind of ‘must have’ in the gift basket along with other goodies. And this year, I received insane amount of cashews. I mostly use them, instead of cream, for giving thickness to my curries. They add a touch of richness without making the curry heavy, such as the Cream Chicken and the Peas Corn & Fenugreek Greens Curry. However, even after setting aside ample amount, for using in curries, I was still left with a huge stash.

Over years, I realized that the best way to consume them was to pan roast them with some ghee or oil, add some spices and serve them as snack. No one likes them ‘raw’ but once they get toasted and wear a coat of spices, they get polished off in no time. They are crunchy, salty, sweet n spicy, irresistible and addictive. They are quick and easy to make and pair well with a cup of coffee or tea and also make for a delicious cocktail / party snack. Goes without saying that a jar of these healthy, spicy and crunchy nuts makes for a perfect edible gift, holiday season or not. You can use any nuts of your choice. The ratio of spices can be altered to suit your taste. This is how we enjoy it 😊 (I made a large batch but I am sharing the recipe for smaller quantity here) Also, don’t forget to give a try to these Spicy Candied Sesame Walnuts that you see in the picture. (They look hideous but they taste ah-mazing)

For Spicy & Tangy Cashews

1½ C Cashewnuts / Kaju

1¼ tsp Oil / Ghee (you may have to adjust amount depending on the viscosity of the oil)

¼ tsp Salt

¼ tsp – ½ tsp Red Chili Powder (adjust heat to taste)

½ tsp Chaat Masala

Heat oil in a wok and add the cashew nuts.

Toast them on low heat for 10 minutes or till they turn nicely golden in colour.

Add salt, red chili powder and chaat masala. Stir till the nuts are well coated.

Remove from heat and transfer them on to a plate to cool completely before you enjoy them.

Store them in an air tight bottle / jar.

Serves – 6 (¼ Cup each)

For Salt & Pepper Almonds

1 C Almonds

¾ – 1 tsp Oil / Ghee (you may have to adjust amount depending on the viscosity of the oil)

Salt to taste

½ tsp finely crushed Black Pepper (not powdered)

8 – 10 Curry Leaves, torn

Heat oil / ghee and add curry leaves. Fry till they turn crisp (they will take a few seconds for this). Remove them on a plate on an absorbent sheet and set aside.

In the same oil, add the almonds. Toss and toast them for approximately 10 minutes on low heat.

Add salt, crushed black pepper and toss well to coat.

Remove from heat and transfer on a plate to cool completely and add the crisp curry leaves and mix well.

Store in a jar.

Serves – 4 (¼ Cup each)

Thanks for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!

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  1. Taruna, you’re so right. Plain nuts will sit in the cupboard forever, but toast them in ghee and spices and they disappear so quickly! Love the flavors that you’ve used here!

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