Travelogue – PRAGUE & KUTNA HORA


Bird’s eye view of the city of Prague from the Prague Castle

With just two days in our hands and Prague still on our itinerary, we opted to tour the city using the help of a licensed tour operator who helped us cover the whole city in a day! It’s an approximately six hour’s guided tour – mostly on foot besides a local train, tram and boat ride & inclusive of refreshments and a meal. The guided tour covers nearly all important landmarks and major sights (36 to be precise) of the city and is very informative. And what more can you ask forthey pick you up from your hotel. Best part about the city is that most places of tourist interest are within walking distance from the city down town area. (during the time of our visit the old Jewish cemetery and synagogue was closed for renovation)



National Museum (meeting point of the guided tour)





Installed in 1410, Astronomical Clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. (Old Town Square)





 Church of Mother of God




More clocks in the old town area. The one at the bottom is in Hebrew and works anti-clockwise



Vtalava River and in the background the Prague Castle. There was a marathon going on that day and you can see participants running along the river


Gateway to Charles Bridge



An up-close shot of the gateway 



 Statue of Prince Charles near the entrance gate of Charles Bridge


A view of the Charles Bridge and the Lesser Town area from the Old Town Area (Just before stepping on the bridge, near the Charles Statue) 



 Charles Bridge as seen from the River Vtalava



The Charles Bridge has apparently eggs mixed with mortar to keep the structure strong!!

Charles Bridge was packed with tourists and it was quite a task to get a decent uncluttered view of this beautiful structure lined with Baroque statues. To enjoy a quiet or a romantic walk on this bridge, the best time to visit is either in the morning or late in the evening. Rest of the times it is not only packed with tourists but you will also encounter hawkers, caricaturists, buskers along the parapet adding to the traffic. Tourists means good business for pick pocketers and Charles Bridge apparently has plenty of them hunting for opportunity. Keep your valuables, wallets, purse, bags, camera safe at all times.


 Passage to Lesser Town


Saint Vitus’ Cathedral: The construction of the cathedral started in 1344 and was officially completed in 1929!!







An old door at Saint Vitus’ Cathedral



Entrance door to the Saint Vitus’ Cathedral



Inside the Cathedral





Prague Castle



Prague Caste (Today it is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic)





The family bidding adieu to Prague…

Prague has a lively night life although on both the days that we were in Prague we called it early and stayed at the hoteltired to the bone! Perhaps on our next visit 😉

We heard umpteen number of times from several travelers, may that be at Istanbul or in Vienna, that we had made a great choice by choosing to visit Prague. “It’s the most beautiful place in Europe!!” everyone would tell us. Our expectations of Prague were sky high and we were certainly not disappointed. The city left us enchanted and captivated by its old world charm; Gothic towers, narrow cobbled lanes and bridges. The place has a ‘fairy tale’ feel about it which is mesmerizing and very romantic. A great place for honeymoon I say!



But before I wind up this post I need to take you through the Cedlec Ossuary at Kutna Hora which is an hour’s distance by train from Prague and is one of its kind. I am sure, these pics will evoke a variety of emotions in your mind as they did in mine.  





The bizzare church, which is a medieval Gothic chapel, stands on the remains of 40,000 people. Before the bones were ‘decorated’ in the form of coat of arms, chandelier, crosses and pyramid, they were disinfected and bleached. The place generates a feeling of awe, horror, shock and is capable of sending a chill down your spine. There are similar ossuaries in Europe but the one at Kutna Hora is apparently unparalleled.






My daughter taking a look at the ‘stack’, completely in awe and disbelief!




We also paid a quick visit to the St Barbora Cathedral, the patron saint of miners, at Kutna Hora. 







Plan your vacation to Prague asap…this is one place not to be missed!!

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  1. I feel like vising Prague right now! The chapel is quite interesting and I had heard of it before. Would you say the that there are less tourists in Prague compared to Vienna?

  2. WOW, thank you so much for sharing all the pictures…I just felt that I went for a little vacation!
    Hope you are enjoying your week 😀

  3. Just love your new post and amazing pictures. It brings back so many memories, I went to Prague in 1996. And I saw a similar bone church too in Vienna. Looks like you had a blast!

  4. I’ve seen a couple of other travelogue post on Prague and it’s interesting how each post has a completely different set of pictures. What a varied city! I love the architecture. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place!

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