taruna deepak


Easy Food Smith (EFS) is a humble attempt to share my easy, simple yet flavourful recipes. I call them the ‘no-fuss recipes’- making not much dent on time and mostly effortless – which actually is my cooking motto.

Most of the recipes are my own or those that were passed on to me by my mother; dishes that I relished as a child and these are cherished, still. Few were shared by family and friends; while some have been adapted from chefs and other sources. (What ever the source, it has been duly attributed)

I definitely have tried to retain the flavours and nutrition value of the dishes while tweaking and experimenting in my kitchen. Though my blog has pronounced North Indian flavours yet you will find other flavours as well.

I abide by one advice that my Mom gave me while entrusting her culinary experiences to meit is the love and passion with which one cooks the food that makes all the difference. So cook with passion and serve with love!

I hope you will enjoy cooking and eating these dishes as much as my family and friends do. Your inputs, queries, feedback and comments are welcome. Bon appétit!

Note: The measurements mentioned in my recipes are those which suit the taste of my family.

P.S.- Please note that I am not a professionally trained nutritionist.

I can be reached at easyfoodsmith@gmail.com