Celebrating Easy Food Smith’s new ‘home’ with LEMON CRINKLE COOKIES

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Chores after chores, that I had kept deferring or simply avoiding, finally caught up with me and kept me engaged since my return from my holiday. It finally resulted in domino effect and despite my determination to keep the wheels of the EFS rolling, my best efforts in this regard weren’t good enough. And one of the major pending chores was to shift EFS to its new address i.e. EFS having its own domain www.easyfoodsmith.com (from the previous www.easyfoodsmith.blogspot.in.) I had ear marked a date in June as the deadline (don’t even ask what it was!) for the shift but I can definitely tell you that I am way off the mark. But before I talk about the domain, I need to share with you about EFS venturing into some new ‘territories’.

After being repeatedly told by friends and acquaintances that I need to give my blog a better chance at being seen, read and reached by a wider audience, I finally succumbed to the pressure their advice and joined the social networking rat race bandwagon (pretty late in the day I know) thereby adding more din to the already noisy virtual world (no offense) of Instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook, and perhaps soon on Tumblr. The only places where EFS existed on social media was Twitter, where even though I created an account long ago, there happens to be not a single tweet. No! wait! I was also present at Pinterest. Anyways, now I happen to be present at not only these platforms but also secured my own domain. (I am super excited about it btw!)

So you may follow/ like EASY FOOD SMITH here: InstagramBloglovinFacebook, Pinterest, Google+


Actually I am basically a relaxed (a nicer way of saying – laid back :-P) person and I find it difficult to keep up with so many things! (my platter is pretty full already) I have never been tech savvy anyways. Besides, I always thought and believed that if the content of a blog is considered perceived ‘good’, it will draw audience automatically but my friends such is not the case. The rules of the game at the virtual world are so different and so are the marketing tactics. Over the years, technology has emerged as a powerful and effective tool to connect with the target audience and who knows better than the Indian electorate and the newly formed government by the BJP!

To be heard and to be seen, you need to make the right noise…lots of it, coz there is so much of it already out there! Nonetheless, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”; so I was vehemently suggested and advised to keep up with and exploit the virtual world of social media and make the most of technology to reach out to more audience (which I had never tried hard for). We humans inherently like being loved, appreciated, hailed and therefore more adulation is always welcome 😀 However, I am dreading about how I will manage to deal and keep up with these mediums…basically how will I handle so many things!?!


As for my new domain, I had always visualised having my own and finally I got that done too along with the rest of things. Although, I never envisaged it being anything fancy; rather on the contrary I always wanted it to be simple. I read these words somewhere and they stuck with me ever since – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.  And I find simplicity endearing and I also believe it brings out the best in everything – food, people, clothes, style.

Goes without saying, its celebration time for EFS and I am so glad to be sharing it with you all. Had it not been for you all, this journey so far would never have been easy and so much fun and validating. How I wish I could reach out to each one of you so we could all enjoy it together, in person. But we meet at and interact in the virtual world; therefore we will have to console ourselves by enjoying a slice of this loaf ‘virtually’!

Although it was an Indian pudding that was supposed to do the honors but lack of availability of certain equipment did not allow that to happen. Most of you would agree that chocolate is always the way to celebrate an occasion and for this very reason, my next choice was these chocolate cookies. But for some reason mine turned out flat (although they tasted okay). The batter was way too liquidy which I thought could be because of me using regular powdered sugar instead of gluten free (it is not available here) as had been called for the recipe.  Whatever the reason, after tweaking and ruining three batches I finally gave uputterly disappointed.


Then voila! A sane thought crossed my mind; I should be replicating the flavour and colours of the summers! A bright, sunny, warm and citrusy lemon cookie world out there calling out my name and here I was hell bent upon making something chocolaty to celebrate the occasion. If you are a citrus food fan, you will undeniably enjoy these cookies. And for the chocolate addicts out there, no harm in giving a try!

You will need,

100 grams unsalted Butter

¾ cup granulated Sugar (adjust to taste)

1 whole egg

A generous table spoon of Lemon juice

1 tbsp Lemon zest

½ tsp Vanilla essence

A few drops (8-10) edible liquid Yellow colour

1½ cup Flour

1 tsp Baking powder

A pinch of Salt

¾ cups powdered sugar (take more later if required)

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside (if you have a bigger oven, you can line two baking sheets and you are good to go)

In a bowl whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt. Keep aside. Put the powdered sugar over a plate and keep aside.


In a mixing bowl, whisk the butter and sugar till the butter turns fluffy. Add the egg and whisk again. Next, add and mix the lemon juice, vanilla essence, lemon zest and the edible colour to the batter.

Now, add and incorporate the flour mix to the batter, desisting from over mixing it. Take table spoonful and make balls. Roll the balls in the powdered sugar and place them at two inches apart on the baking sheet.

Bake the cookies till the edges begin to turn just brown. Remove the cookies from the baking sheet once they are cool. (Read the notes at the end of the post)

Note: Powdered sugar is sold as confectioner’s sugar or as icing sugar.

Note: To intensify the flavours of the cookies you can add half a teaspoon of lemon essence.

Note: The batter was a little loose and sticky so I had to refrigerate for nearly two hours before I could start shaping it in balls. The reason could be the heat and humidity. If yours is fine, make the cookies straight away.

Note: I was in a mood for chewy cookies so I baked them for approximately 11 minutes or till the edges began to turn just brown. Go ahead and bake them for 13-14 minutes if you like yours crunchy.

I have used this recipe as the foundation for these cookies.

Yield: 20-22 cookies

Thanks for visiting and see you soon again!

26 thoughts on “Celebrating Easy Food Smith’s new ‘home’ with LEMON CRINKLE COOKIES

  1. The cookies look delicious Taruna. I just made these last week. everyone loved it at home. Should try the lemon version. Thank you for the recipe!

    Your new space looks lovely!

  2. wooohooo welcome to your ‘own’ domain.. I know i have been planning to this for a long time as well, but as you said i am relaxed person too (nicer way 😉
    Nice site, i liked the wood background:) WordPress or blogger?
    Cookies and pics-oh man as usual looks amazing and dashingly tasty!
    Glad to see u back with bang!

  3. Your new site looks FANTASTIC!! I love it and those cookies are amazing. I know what it’s like when you get your heart set on something but I would take these lemon cookies any day over chocolate.
    As far as the social media, it is a bit daunting but you will find what works for you and then don’t worry about the others. It’s too much to keep up with everything.

  4. Welcome back..hope you had a wonderful holiday! Good to see Easy food smith on social network. I know how difficult it is to manage various platforms..and I strongly believe that good content can get you go places…but then, nothing wrong in joining these sites if it can help reach the best and the more deserving sites such as yours to the word. Best wishes and hugs.

  5. Congrats on your new home, Social network site is taunting still you have to venture into it to get more views. Lemon crinkle cookies looks awesome.

  6. Beautiful new design…and these lemon cookies are just perfect to celebrate your new home…
    Enjoy your week 😀

  7. That’s a nice come back Taruna!! Crinkle cookies are my favorite, let it be any flavor, the look is so appealing and you could never resist them. The new home looks more organized and easy to navigate!!

  8. Congrats for your new, lovely home, Taruna!
    And no better way to celebrate it than with these delicious lemon cookies.
    They just turned out perfect!

  9. Love your new look!!! Very simple and elegant. You really know how to celebrate with the delicious looking lemon crinkles. I think they may replace my love of the chocolate version.

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