OATMEAL PORRIDGE – ओट्स का दलिया

More than being a place where I showcase my recipes and kitchen trials, this blog was created with the intention of compiling and chronicling recipes for my daughter, where she could easily access everything at the click of a button. This simple recipe for porridge is being uploaded for the same purpose. It is woefully easy recipe, one that someone might think does not even need a place on a food blog. But easy recipes are what I mostly upload and this one would possibly help her once she leaves for college – a recipe that is easy, delicious and healthy.

I have always tried to ensure that every one in our house has a nourishing and filling breakfast. My daughter though is not very regular coz she is always pressed for time in the mornings. Catching a bus early in the morning means that she is almost always in a rush and never has appetite for a proper breakfast. For such hectic mornings I ensure that I make these Almond & Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (They come really handy and are healthy & delicious option) or bake her favourite quick bread or muffins. All that she needs to do is grab these baked goodies and rush to school without me worrying about her leaving on an empty stomach. The Chocolate Chia Pudding is another option she never complains about.

There are so may ways to keep a bowl of oats porridge healthy and delicious. I know many people who do not enjoy eating porridge coz they find it bland and tasteless. Adding fruits of your choice, nuts, chocolate chips or scrapped chocolate, cacao nibs, are just a few ways to add texture to your bowl of porridge and for the flavour you can add a pinch of cardamom powder or cinnamon or nutmeg. You can even add chocolate while you are cooking the oats on the stove to make a chocolate version of porridge. And with so much goodness in a bowl, you don’t want to spoil it by adding refined sugar/ processed sugar. Go for honey, coconut sugar or agave nectar – basically natural sweeteners. A bowl of an oatmeal porridge will keep you satiated and your tummy happy. Healthy and tasty, do go together 😊

½ C Water

½ C Milk (dairy or non dairy)

2 tbsp Quick Cooking Oats

¼ tsp – ½ tsp Sweetener of your choice

A pinch of aromatics of your choice (I used cardamom)

Fruits of your choice (avoid citrus fruits as they are not recommended by ayurveda)

I prefer half milk and half water but you can use all water or all milk (whichever way you prefer) Mix the water and milk and heat them in a small pot. Once the milk comes to a boil, reduce heat and add oats.

Cook oats stirring them all the while till the mixture begins to thicken (the cooking time will depend on how thick or thin you like your porridge) Stir in the aromatics of your choice and remove the pot from heat. Keep stirring the oatmeal for half a minute. (I prefer eating my porridge warm so I keep stirring it for over a minute to bring down the temperature)

Decant the contents in the serving bowl. Add fruits and sweetener of your choice. Enjoy the bowl of delicious goodness!

Serves – 1

Note – I suggest using seasonal fruits for your porridge.

Thanks for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!


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  1. I find your comment interesting because my blog has become a catalog for my husband. 🙂 He started cooking a couple of years ago and was having a hard time finding recipes. Now he knows to always check the blog first.

    What a beautiful porridge! Very healthy with lots of flavors and textures.

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