For those who have been wondering why I have not come around at your blog since a week, I have been facing endless glitches with my laptop. Can’t really blame the poor fellow for working at its whims and fancies! It has served me nearly uncomplaining for the past six and a half years. My loyal friend simply refuses to work anymore giving me the message loud and clear that it has outlived its utility for me. So adieu my friend and I hope the new one would be as great as you have been all these years! J
This post of mine is going to be short and crisp which is unlike my other posts. Fifteen odd minutes, approx, is all that my laptop is going to give me to write and upload this post. After that, it will freeze and no amount of cajoling or my punching of its keys will elicit any response or make any difference to it. On days it refuses to even do that! 
Fox nuts or Gorgon nut also known popularly as lotus seeds, makhane, phool patasha, phool, makhane, are a great way to snack guilt free. Why guilt free you ask? Well, they have zero fat! Now, don’t you love that? They are high in calcium and fibre, rich in anti oxidants, aid in digestion, strengthen the kidneys, help lower blood sugar, regulate blood pressure and there is a lot more to themfind here. I am totally sold out!
These nuts can be enjoyed in both savoury and sweet form. For the simple savoury way – you need to roast them in a little oil or ghee and sprinkle spice/s of your choice. The nut is pretty versatile and often used in curries, added to veggies and pilaf, and it is even used to thicken soup. 
In their sweet avatar, the makhana are served in a pudding form called kheer (also known as payasam) which is often consumed during Durga puja time by Hindus who fast for nine days and abstain from eating grains and even salt. So hailed is its status that an offering of it is made to the Goddess Durga during the festival. Punjabis use this seed to make an offering of thanks to fire (for providing them warmth during the harsh winters) during the festival of Lohri.
There is hardly as anything such as ‘recipe’ for this toasty savory makhana. Feel free to alter the amount of ghee/ oil and also the way you wish to pep them up…by adding chat masala or dry mint powder or cinnamon powder or black salt or red chilli flakes (if u like them hot) or paprika or garam masala or whatever fancies you! I love the crunchy, nutty, spicy punch of this makhana snack.
I used,
2 cups of fox nuts
¾ – 1 tsp ghee
Salt to taste
¼ tsp black pepper powder
Heat a heavy bottom pan or wok and add ghee. Once it has melted, add pepper powder and then the fox nuts. Roast them on a high flame for approx a minute stirring to ensure they do not burn.
Reduce the heat to minimum and roast them covered for 5-7 minutes ensuring to turn them around every minute or so. Half way through, add salt.
Once done, remove them on a plate to cool and store in air tight container.
Note: The amount of time to roast them will depend on their size.
Serves 2 
Thanks for visiting and see you again! 

36 thoughts on “ROASTED SALT & PEPPER FOX NUTS / भुने मखाने

  1. Hi,
    No worries about coming over to my space. You sort out the computer issue first. I can understand how it feels because my laptop is almost at the same stage. It need rebooting a few times. Thankfully so far nothing major but I do have a standby laptop. But seems hard to let go of the current one. Lets see what happens and I have saved all the essential stuffs into my external drive already.

    I am not sure about the nuts and whether we have it over here. But certainly the simple style with little ingredients with nuts are good. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer. Computer problems are one of big worries… since I am not that computer savvy.

    Love these roasted nuts. 🙂

  3. I’ve always wondered what to do with these nuts, now I have a recipe and ideas. Thanks for that.
    I hate computers, working with them…hope you solve your issues with it..

  4. Love Fox Nuts!!!I just had some during my India vacation 🙂 I love how crispy they turn out and could easily finish off a bowl of these in one go 🙂

  5. Glad to know ur name Taruna. Wonder how u coined the blog name I always thought ur name would have something to do with smith 🙂

    In my native place I have seen a lot of lotus root recipes but never seen its seed.Ur pics are so beautifulll!!!

    1. Ha ha… Many people think that there is some Smith name associated with this blog. However, the name was coined in this way…as in a goldsmith, blacksmith, etc. So mine is a Easy Foodsmith! 😉

      I hope you do try the lotus seeds and find them good 🙂

  6. I love these things! I never knew they were called fox nuts. My mum used to make these almost like granola thing with these. She used to make it for new mothers to aid in their recovery. I loved swiping these while she was busy getting it all ready.
    I never really thought about buying them to eat, I think I will after reading your post!


  7. Your post may be short but the info on fox nuts is tremendous! Thanks. Didn’t know they are called as fox nuts. I sincerely hope your laptop problems will be solved soon. Incidentally, I have got a new laptop and I am trying to figure out how to navigate – it seems to have a mind of its own 🙂

    1. Thanks Shobha! I finally purchased a new one and I too am trying to find my way around it! It is hard to harness technology…it sure has a mind of its own!

  8. Sorry to hear about your laptop. However it may sound old school, but I still prefer to work with desktop. Thank God my lappy is behaving right ! i am almost handicapped without that.

    I love makhana in kheer, and as a snack too.


    1. I totally agree with you. The basic models always work great and it is less stress with them. And with so many models and different stuff around, i feel so outdated! I am finding it hard to get accustomed to my new lappy!

  9. Oh gosh. Aren’t we all experiencing hardware problems. Mine crashed a few weeks ago as well. So frustrating but a perfect way to splurge on a new laptop 🙂

    Love makhane. This looks delish!!

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