ACHARI BHURJEE SANDWICH – अचारी अंडा भुर्जी सैंडविच (Pickled Scrambled Eggs Jaffles)

Call them jaffles, call them sandwiches or call them toasties. Which ever name you may want to address them with, will not change the fact how scrumptious these are. I love scrambled eggs but I like to pep up my bhurjee since my Indian palate finds a simple scramble or omelette a little bland with just some salt and pepper. An Indian style omelette or for that matter the bhurjee (scrambled eggs) has a lot happening in it. You will find sautéd onions, tomatoes, peas, mushrooms and some cilantro added to them; besides green chillies may be. I promise you, you will never want to go back again to that bland omelette or scrambled eggs after trying these toasties spiked with sour mango pickle masala that make these jaffles spicy, hot and full of flavours. I sometimes serve these with tomato sauce but honestly, these jaffles are so ‘complete’ and good on their own that you really do not need any accompaniments to them.  I am keeping this post really short and taking you straight to the recipe. Enjoy them for breakfast, brunch or snack on them.

1 tbsp Oil or Butter

1/3 C finely chopped, Onions

1 Green chilli

5 Eggs (they weighed 45 gms each)

1 tbsp Milk

1 tsp chilli flakes (adjust heat to taste)

Salt to taste

1½ – 2 tsp Aam ka Khatta Achar (Sour Mango Pickle Masala) – adjust to taste

¼ C chopped, fresh Coriander / Cilantro

8 – 10 slices Bread

Butter or Oil for brushing the bread

Crack the eggs in a mixing bowl and whisk them for a minute. Add milk, chilli flakes, salt, pickle masala and whisk for half a minute. Now whisk in the fresh coriander. Set aside the batter.

Heat oil or butter in a pan and sauté the onions and green chillies till the onions just begin to turn golden. Add the egg batter and cook on medium heat, stirring all the while, till cooked.

Take one slice of bread and spoon over the filling. Cover with the other slice of bread and apply butter over it. (I usually apply butter on all the four corners and just a little bit in the center)

Transfer the filled bread slices to the sandwich press or jaffle maker and make the sandwich/ jaffles as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once done, remove and serve hot with the sauce or chutney of your choice.

Yield: 4 – 5 Jaffles (depending on the size of bread)

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12 thoughts on “ACHARI BHURJEE SANDWICH – अचारी अंडा भुर्जी सैंडविच (Pickled Scrambled Eggs Jaffles)

  1. My first time eating one of this sandwiches…or whatever you call was when we were traveling through South Africa…I was delighted with it, but never had a chance to but the gadget for it…thanks for the reminder…and yes, your jaffles filled with scramble eggs look delicious!
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. A couple of years ago, when HD’s uncle came visiting us, he made some amazing anda burji and it was one of the best meals I had during that time. I conveniently forgot the recipe and now I am seeing your post, it is so close except for the addition of the achaar. Who doesn’t like good toastie along with a hot cup of chai on a nice rainy day??? Making me get goosebumps all over… hehe… Awesome pictures and I am angry with you for biting that toastie… 😛 I wish I could just pick it up from the screen… Yum!

  3. I love toasties and make them occasionally with an Toas-Tite that I inherited. Have never made one with egg which is crazy, because it’s perfect! Especially with the added chile. 🙂

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