MINI RAVA UTTAPAM – रवा उत्तपम (Semolina Vegetable Pancakes)

Yet another post with suji. Just can’t help it I guess! It is a healthy, wholesome and delicious breakfast option and paired with the trio of chutneys it makes for a scrumptious savoury meal.

These pancakes are primarily enjoyed for breakfast but they are great for any meal, to be honest. They are also great to pack for tiffin and for snacking.

Uttapam are mostly made using idli / dosa batter and just as rava dosa, this is an instant uttapam version since it does not require overnight fermentation.

You can load these savoury pancakes with veggies of your choice. The widely used include carrots, peas, capsicum, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. You can use broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms if you like.

Also, the batter can be made ahead of when you wish to use it. It stays well for two to three days. Add veggies just before making the uttapam. Same for adding the baking soda or fruit salt.

For Batter

1 C Rava / Suji / Semolina

½ C whisked Dahi / Yogurt

1 C Water or as required

½ tsp Baking Soda or Fruit Salt

½ tsp Salt

3 Green Chillies, finely chopped

1 tbsp finely chopped root Ginger (adrak), adjust amount to taste

Butter or Ghee or cooking Oil for cooking the Uttapam


2 tsp cooking Oil

1 tsp Mustard Seeds

2 tsp Dhuli Urad Dal / Ivory Lentils

2 tsp Chana Dal


½ C finely chopped, Onion

2 tbsp Green Peas, boiled

½ C Shredded Carrots

½ C mix of different Capsicums / Bell Peppers (Green, Red & Yellow), diced into small pieces

3 tbsp finely chopped Coriander / Cilantro

Whisk together the rava, dahi and water. Set aside for fifteen to twenty minutes. Add the green chilies and ginger and then add the baking soda or fruit salt (whichever you are using)

Prepare the tempering by heating the oil in a small frying pan. Add mustard seeds and as soon as they begin to crackle, add the urad dal and chana dal. Fry on low heat till both the dals turn golden in colour. Add the tempering to batter and mix well.

You can add the toppings at this point to the batter or mix together the ingredients of the topping and sprinkle it over the uttapam as it cooks. (I prefer to sprinkle them on the top since they make for nice optics and also add a nice texture and taste when they get cooked and get wee bit charred)

Heat a heavy bottom pan or a cast iron pan, preferably. (ensure that the pan is hot before you pour the batter) Grease the pan with ghee or oil and pour a tablespoon and a half, of the batter and slightly spread it to four to five inch size diameter and half a centimetre to three forth centimetre thickness.

In case you preferred not to add the toppings to the batter, quickly sprinkle the toppings of your choice over the uttapam and gently press them into the uttapam. Keep cooking the uttapam till it begins to turn golden brown at the base.

Carefully flip the uttapam and cook the other side till it is nicely cooked and turns golden brown. Be carefully not to burn the toppings.

Remove the uttapam on a plate and serve with the chutney of your choice, along with sambar. I serve it with the tangy green tomato chutney, the conventional coconut chutney and delicious and nutty red tomato chutney. Each chutney has a different flavour profile and each one enhances the taste of the uttapam 🙂

Yield – 12 Uttapam (4 inch approx)

Note – The amount of toppings and also the choice of toppings is a matter of taste. Feel free to omit or add whatever you wish to.

Note – I prefer making mini uttapam coz it is easier to flip them without breaking them and also the toppings do not get scattered upon flipping. The portion size is also optimal.

Thank for your visit and see you soon again, with another exciting recipe

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  1. Can I come eat at your house? Your food is so different that anything I make or have eaten and it is always gorgeous. I get hungry every time I look at your delicious food. These pancakes look scrumptious.

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