SEVIYAN – सेवीयाँ (Fine Vermicelli Pudding)

It is kind of customary in India, to celebrate any festival or any happy occasion or achievement, however small, with something sweet. “Kuchh meetha ho jae” – कुछ मीठा हो जाए is an expression which most Indians can relate to. A loose translation would be ‘lets have something sweet’. Why just occasions, we look for smallest of excuses to indulge in something sweet. My excuse for sharing this post today? Well, there are two reasons. One, a very valid one, is the festival of Rakshabandhan and second reason, (call it whimsical if you may), is that we are more than half a year down and I have managed to keep the wheels of the blog running with regular posts here…well, so far.

Actually, I am notorious among friends, that I often abandon this baby, for weeks and sometimes months, every single year ever since I began blogging. I have so far managed seven successful months of regular posts and updates here, this year. And I hope to zip their lips by keeping the same tempo and uploading regular posts every week for the rest of 2019. Keeping my fingers crossed though! Also, this is my 300th post!!!

So, this kheer apart from the Samvat Kheer, was one that was made often at my mother’s house when ever sweet cravings came knocking since it is an easy, quick and comforting pudding and comes together in under 15 minutes. It is made using fine long cut vermicelli called seviyan or semiyan and it can be enjoyed hot or chilled.

1 tsp Desi Ghee

¾ – 1 C broken Seviyan / Vermicelli (thin, long cut ones)

500 ml Milk (I used full fat)

3½ tbsp scrapped, Date Palm Jaggery (feel free to use sugar instead)

½ tsp Cardamom Powder

2 tsp chopped Almonds

2 tsp chopped Pistachio

½ tsp crushed, Rose petals (optional)

(for flavor variants, feel free to use a few strands of saffron or cinnamon powder, clove powder to enjoy this kheer)

Keep a small frying pan on heat and add ghee. Add the seviyan and roast them on low heat for two or three minutes or till they attain a golden brown color and become aromatic. Remove the seviyan from pan on to a heat proof plate. Set aside. (even though the seviyan I used were pre-toasted, I still go ahead and toast them as it helps in better texture of the pudding)

Heat milk in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and add seviyan.

Increase heat and bring the contents to a boil and then reduce heat and cook for five to seven minutes or till the seviyan are cooked and the milk has thickened to the desired consistency.

Remove from heat and add cardamom powder and stir it well.

Keep stirring the contents for two–three minutes to prevent a creamy layer from forming on the top.

Now stir in the the scrapped jaggery and keep stirring till the jaggery is completely dissolved.

Serve hot or chilled, garnished with nuts and crushed rose petals. Enjoy!

Serve – 4

Note – Adjust the amount of jaggery as per taste. We prefer our dessert not intensely sweet therefore this amount works perfect for us.

Note – For kheer with thicker consistency, use one cup of seviyan (do remember it will further thicken if you plan to serve it chilled) and for a thinner consistency, use thee fourth cup.

Thanks for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!

16 thoughts on “SEVIYAN – सेवीयाँ (Fine Vermicelli Pudding)

  1. Taruna, this pudding looks wonderfully delicious! Definitely my idea of comfort food! And so pretty with the pistachios and rose petals on top! Your photos are stunning!

    1. I really hope you give it a go especially since it comes together in no time. thanks John 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the smallest excuses to indulge in something sweet. This dessert sounds new to me, but I would definitely be interested to try it.

    1. Thank you Lisa 🙂 Rice puddings take lot of time while this one is ready in a breeze

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