COCONUT CHUTNEY – नारियल की चट्नी

I flicked off this recipe from one of my maternal aunts. I have tasted coconut chutney at so many restaurants, hotels and at my south Indian friends homes, but her version of the  chutney stands out distinctly amongst them all. In fact, when she gave me this recipe, I was somewhat intrigued by its contents but the end result was finger licking good. I guess it is the addition of yogurt and roasted chana that does the trick here. I do not know what a south Indian would say about this recipe but I can gorge on this chutney and lick my fingers till the last morsel of it. We enjoy it with Idli (steamed savory cakes), dosa, Paniyaram (rice & lentil savory cakes) or with savory pancakes
For Chutney
1¾ Cup grated fresh Coconut (I remove the outer brownish skin)
2 tbsp roasted Bengal grams (black chick peas), skin removed
2 Green Chillies 
4 cloves Garlic (i use a little fat cloves)
3 tbsp Yogurt
1/4 Cup Water (adjust to consistency)
1/3rd  cup fresh coriander leaves (washed and chopped), optional
Salt to taste
For tempering
1 tsp oil
½ tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp Ivory Lentils / Urad Dhuli Dal
1 tsp gram lentil/ Chana Dal
7-8 curry leaves
1 Whole Dry Red Chilli (broken in three pieces)
Put all the ingredients mentioned under the heading ‘for chutney’, except salt, in a grinder. Gradually add water till the ingredients are ground well to the desired consistency. Remove in the serving bowl.        
For tempering, heat oil in a small frying pan and add whole red chillies and then the mustard seeds. Once they begin to crackle, remove the pan from the fire and add the lentil.
Place the pan again on fire, over low heat and fry till the lentils turns golden brown. Add curry leaves (be careful since they will splutter oil) and cook for a few seconds. Pour the contents over the chutney. Mix well and serve.
Note: You can increase or decrease the amount of curd to suit your taste.
Note: Ensure that the curd is not sour
Yield – 1 medium bowl
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  1. Family recipes are always the best and I am so glad you could share this one. I think my family will really like it – thanks for posting! Great photos too.

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