NO BAKE PINWHEEL COOKIES (Coconut Filled Chocolate Roll)



Making this dish was easy but christening it was a bit tricky for me. It is my mother’s recipe and she never used any particular name for this dessert. She simply used to call it chocolate rolls. I always used to help my Mom prepare this dish and after two three trials, I started making it on my own. (Today I prepared it after more than two and a half decades) For that one year that I used to make these so often, for family and friends, that I got seriously bored of making it and eating it.

The other day when my daughter told me that she wanted to eat something ‘different’ from what I usually made for dessert, this recipe popped up in my mind out of the blues. I had probably stored it somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed making this favorite after a long time, although I did miss my mother while making it. The classic combination of chocolate and coconut is so good that you have to make it to believe how delicious this turns out. A great treat for children. The ingredients are simple and easily available in most kitchen pantries – digestive biscuits, drinking chocolate, cocoa powder, butter…Well here are the detailed ingredients that would go into it:

For the biscuit roll

20 Marie biscuits or any digestive biscuits of your choice

4 tbsp Drinking Chocolate Powder (Hot Chocolate Powder)

1 tbsp + 1 tsp Cocoa Powder plus extra for rolling

6 – 7 tbsp Water

For the filling

2 tbsp unsalted Butter (softened)

3 tbsp Desiccated Coconut

4 tsp Confectioners Sugar

In a grinder, grind the biscuits to a powder along with the drinking chocolate and cocoa powder.

Take out the contents in a plate and using water form of a dough.

In a bowl, mix together the butter, desiccated coconut and sugar.

Roll out the dough in between two sheets of parchment paper to approximately eight inch size circle and half a centimeter thickness.

Apply the butter mix evenly all over the rolled out biscuit dough.

Now carefully from one end, start rolling the dough inwards, tucking the dough firmly to form a log. (Using the parchment paper as a buffer will help control any cracks and make it easy to roll the dough into a neat log.)

Roll the log in cocoa powder (this step is optional). I dusted the parchment paper with cocoa powder (to approx size of log) and rolled the log over it.

Wrap the log in a cling film (I wrapped it in the same parchment paper over which I had rolled the dough) and refrigerate it for at least 45 minutes or till you are ready to serve. (You can make the log a day or two ahead of when you intend to serve it)

Remove the log from the refrigerator and slice the log evenly to thickness of your choice and serve immediately.

Notes: Taste the filling before applying it over the rolled dough and adjust ingredients to taste.

Note: Use fresh butter and desiccated coconut else the taste will be severely compromised.

Note: Feel free to add a few drops of orange essence to the biscuit dough or a few teaspoons of grand marnier.

Note: I added 1/8 tsp vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of coconut essence (use good quality one) to the filling. It took the cookies from tasting great to  tasting amazing.

Note: This dish needs to be kept refrigerated and taken out just before serving, else the biscuit mix and butter filling will begin to soften.

Yield – 12 pieces (½ cm thickness)

Thanks for visiting and see you again with another exciting recipe!

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  1. These roll slices make a great presentation for a dessert table. It is had to believe that they only have 6 ingredients! Chocolate and coconut are hard to resist. Great post.

  2. I am regular follower of your blog/ you make real good stuff. I wait for your new posts and would love to get some typical Indian non-veg. food posted.

  3. Hi Anonymous! Thanks!! I am glad and pleased to know that you appreciate my food posts. You won’t have to wait long for typical Indian non-veg post…will follow very soon 🙂

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