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Had it not been for spring cleaning, this post would have not seen the light of the day. The package containing the ready to drink tea with delivered to me way back in December which I thought was not the right time to post a chilled beverage. The package was stashed away for the ‘right time’ to come and then it became the classic case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I was aghast at myself for having forgotten about this product review that I was supposed to do.

Paper Boat is the brand name of the Delhi-NCR based Hector Beverages that is named after the Trojan prince who took on the Greek warrior Achilles. The company that was founded in 2009 has since then made its presence felt loud and clear in the desi market. I remember relishing their Jal Jeera(Cumin & Tamarind Cooler) on an Indigo flight. I was pretty impressed by who ever thought of selling the desi coolers in that smart handy packing. Their different range of beverages from the chilled Rasam (which I didn’t like btw) to Jamun Kala Khatta and Kokum drink and Golguppa ka Paani are all brilliant ways of introducing the current generation to the fantastic and nutritious Indian thirst quenchers made with natural ingredients  (way better than the colas and artificial energy drinks). Once the company had made a niche for itself on the shelves of the super markets, I learnt that it was a company run by a bunch of Indian blokes. Their Aam Panna (Raw Green Mango Cooler) and Aam Ras are an absolute favourite of ours. Their taste is spot on for us.


Coming back to their Ginger Lemon Tea and Tulsi Tea (Basil Tea), we are not much of tea drinkers or coffee fans for that matter. My husband and I especially do not like the creamy/ milky Indian masala chai but we don’t mind a glass of iced lemon tea or fruity green tea once in a while. So when I was offered by Hector Company to write a product review for their ready to drink teas, I was a game for it. And here are my thoughts about their latest product.


Both the flavors worked fine for me since I like mildly brewed tea. But the hard core tea drinkers, may find if pretty bland. I found that the Tulsi Tea lacks some punch; some more brewing perhaps. It was somewhat bland for our taste. The Ginger Lemon Flavour was better and even here, there was a room for improvement. The ginger flavour could have been more pronounced. What I love in both the teas was that the amount of sugar suits our taste. It is lesser than many other ready to drink chilled teas. If I were to choose and pick one of these two, it is certainly Ginger Lemon Tea for me. Try these flavors and take your call. It will be interesting, however, to see how the Indian diaspora accepts these chilled ready to drink teas since they are habituated to piping hot masala chai.


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