I have been trying to keep up with posting regularly on the blog but thanks to the oppressive sultry heat, I have lost my mojo for cooking and then clicking pictures. Basically I feel sapped of all my energy in this weather. Eagerly waiting for the rains to arrive. Meanwhile, I have been opting for ‘easy way out’ kind of meals; that take least amount of effort, are delicious, with no compromise on nutrition. Obviously, we have been doing a lot of grilled food. Being a vegetarian, I have focused on grilled veggies and paneer. While the non vegetarians in the family have been enjoying their grilled chicken made in a variety of delicious ways and this finger licking good mutton chops. And of course there have been lots and lots of salads. Having said that, we can’t stay away from our curries, so mild curries have been keeping us company on the table. Besides, we drink lots of natural coolers and gorge on water melons, musk melons and cantaloupes. Yogurt is always a part of at least one of our meal everyday. As for the breakfast, we have been binging on porridge  (topped with lots of fruits), seasonal fruit smoothies and chia puddings. Well, that’ s how we deal with summers and keep our appetite healthy and also keep it from becoming sluggish.

I have shared some fancy or rather flavorsome chia pudding recipes in the past but today’s post is about chia pudding in its most basic form but served with the king of fruits (at least here in Indian) i.e. the Alphonso mangoes. Simple yet so delicious. We didn’t need any sweetener coz the mangoes were sweet as sugar! Honestly, just use seasonal fruits of your choice for topping this chia pudding and you are good to go. Nutritious and delicious, both served in this one pudding 😊

1 Cup Milk (dairy or non dairy)

¼ C plus 1 tbsp Chia Seeds

2 tsp Sweetener of your choice, adjust to taste (I didn’t require this since mangoes were really sweet)

1 large Alphonso Mango (peeled and chopped in small pieces)

Handful pitted Cherries

Few Mint leaves (to garnish)

2 tsp Nuts of your choice (to garnish)

In a bowl, add the milk and stir in the chia seeds.

Cover the bowl and keep it aside for ten minutes.

Stir again to mix everything well.

Cover again and refrigerate the contents for at least three to four hours or overnight.

Remove the bowl from the fridge and divide the pudding in individual glasses or bowls.

Taste the mangoes and add sweetener only if required.

Top the chia pudding with nuts (if using), cherries and chopped mangoes and serve immediately.


Serves – 2

Thanks for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!


  1. Oh that cup of chia pudding with that mango is calling my name… I may still chew the cherries even though I am not a fan of them… hehe… Your clicks are just getting amazing with every post… 🙂

    1. I loved the cherries in this pudding and of course mango, is first love 😛
      Thank you so much dear for your kind and encouraging words. 🙂

  2. Taruna, this makes such an easy and delicious breakfast or snack! The cherries and mangoes look so colorful and lovely in the puddings. Mango season is in full swing and I’m truly enjoying it. Mango is definitely the king of fruit! I’m in Dubai right now and the market is flooded with Indian mangoes. I love trying all the varieties. The heat is so demotivating right now. It gets about 38C in my kitchen during the day (much hotter outside). It’s so hard to force myself to the kitchen and when I do, I can’t think and try to get out as soon as possible and into the shower. I made a cake with what was supposed to be buttercream frosting the other day. It turned out to be a buttercream puddle! 🙂

    1. The number of Indian expats is so huge in Dubai it is as good as living in India! 😛 I was living there for a year (2016 – 2017) and found it was easier working in the kitchen over there than here in India since we had a centrally air conditioned apartment there (including the kitchen). While here, even the apartments are not centrally air conditioned.
      Gosh! I can imagine the buttercream frosting fiasco.

  3. Your pictures are just amazing Taruna! Chia pudding topped with fresh seasonal fruits is really the most refreshing breakfast, particularly in our mind-boggling heat. Craving for this goodness now!

  4. Your photography is always so gorgeous, these pictures make me instantly hungry! Also, this chia pudding sounds yummy, love the combo of mango, mint and cherries 🙂

    1. Thank you John. Two days back we experienced some pre-monsoon showers and some respite from heat.

  5. This chia pudding is perfect to beat the heat as no cooking is necessary. I love the simplicity and yes, loaded with summer fruits.
    Stay cool and have a great rest of the week!

  6. The heat hasn’t been oppressive here yet….that will come soon! Your chia puddings look amazing! I love that you used both cherries and mango—so tasty!!

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