The days before vacations had been hectic. Lot many dinners were due and I was ticking each one off my list. Though my husband and I love entertaining friends over for dinner/ lunch but some times the heat of the Indian summer can come across as quite a deterrent.

So during one of those days, I thought of creating a menu where I would not have to slog in the kitchen or indulge in any sort of cooking over fire for a long duration, which is generally the case with some Indian recipes. 

I decided to serve ‘finger food’ as starters/ appetisers followed by a continental affair. For starters I kept sausages, cold cuts of salami, crackers with topping and crudités. For main course it was Oregano Chicken, Layered Potatoes in Sour Cream (baked) served with Toasted Garlic Bread and raw papaya salad {I know it isn’t continental but I thought it was certainly somewhat exotic and easy ;-)} . For dessert, I served caramel custard. 

It looked like a huge spread and appeared as if I had indulged into a lot of hard work in the kitchen but the reality was definitely far from it!! (Apart from cooking the sausages and chicken, which actually is a very simple recipe, I didn’t have to venture any where near the stove.) My friends simply loved itwhat more could have I asked for!! 

For crudités, wash and chop the vegetables of your choice as per the size and shape you desire. For the dip, you will need mayonnaise and thick curd in an equal quantity. Add freshly chopped mint and some dry mint. Season with salt and coarsely ground black pepper and give the dip a nice stir. Taste it before your serve and adjust the seasoning if required. Your dip is ready in no time!!

Note: You can use low fat mayonnaise if you are calorie conscious and if you are vegetarian, opt for the vegetarian version of mayonnaise.

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