MATAR PANEER TOASTIES (Cottage Cheese & Green Peas Jaffles)

My love for all things savoury is no secret anymore. I have been pretty vocal about it in many of my posts, especially the ones dedicated to breakfast. I obviously prefer savoury to sweet for my breakfast. If I happen to eat this sweet fruity nutty Cracked Wheat Porridge, I finish it off with a boiled egg or a slice of bread with some peanut butter. The hit of fructose in my first meal of the day does not appetize me. Obviously when I plan of making jaffles, it isn’t any sweet chocolaty jaffles (apologies to chocolate lovers) that come to my mind. Rather it is mushrooms jaffles, paneer sandwich, egg toasties, chicken or onion and tomatoes jaffles that spring up in my mind. I am excited of what all I can do with these and more.

I usually make paneer jaffles but this time around I thought of incorporating peas with them since they are in season and throwing in some green veggies has certainly never done any harm. These are good to have for breakfast, to snack or to pack for kid’s lunch. Best thing about making these jaffles is that they are so easy that even your eight year old can fix them. There is no cooking over the stove involved. You can help the kids with boiling the peas and chopping some onion, cilantro and mint. Make them add the ingredients together and allow them to mix them. They can also add the filling and you can put the bread into the jaffle maker. And you are done! 

So here go the ingredients I used. These are just the basic guideline to what all you can add. Feel free to adjust or omit any ingredient you wish to.

10 slices Bread

For Filling 150 grams Paneer

½ C boiled Peas

1/3 C finely chopped Onions

1/3 C finely chopped fresh Coriander

2 tbsp finely chopped Mint

Salt to taste

A pinch of garam masala

1 Green chili or Red chili finely chopped

½ tsp freshly cracked Black Pepper (adjust to taste)

1 tsp Chat Masala (adjust to taste)

In a mixing bowl, crumble the paneer and add all ingredients mentioned under the ‘filling’ list. Mix gently and mix well all the ingredients.

Take one slice of bread and spoon over the filling. Cover with the other slice of bread and apply butter over it. (I usually apply butter on all the four corners and just a little bit in the center)

Transfer the filled bread slices to the sandwich press or jaffle maker and make the sandwich/ jaffles as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Serve hot with the sauce or chutney of your choice.

Makes – 5 Jaffles

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8 thoughts on “MATAR PANEER TOASTIES (Cottage Cheese & Green Peas Jaffles)

    1. haha! You can either use a toastie press or you can toast on them on a griddle. Sandwich two slices of bread with the filling. Applying a little butter on one side and toast that side on hot griddle till it becomes crisp. Apply butter to the other side and then very carefully flip it and toast the other side till crispy. Voila!

    1. thank you 🙂 Chaat Malasa is a spice mix that is tangy in taste and adds a punch to the filling. It should be easily available at an Indian store.

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