This year I did not go for a desi or traditional Holi dessert although I did want to share my mother-in-law’s recipe for Malpua with you guys. Perhaps I will share it later this year for Diwali. Since I had travel plans before and during Holi, therefore I settled for a quick–to–fix fusion dessert. It has used all the ingredients of the desi spice mix which is quintessential to Holi celebration. The spice mix is called Thandai mix and it is used to make a chilled milk-based beverage by the same name – Thandai (also called Sardai) which is made especially during the festival of Holi. The lovely spices in the mix provide this beverage cooling properties. Two years back I had shared my favorite glass of Latte which uses the same spice mix. All the flavors of this festive spice mix are present in this chocolate bark. The white chocolate nicely brings out the flavors of the spices and nuts. I haven’t tried it with milk chocolate or dark chocolate yet. If anyone tries this recipe with them, do share the results. Happy Holi to all those who are celebrating. Have a safe, fun filled Holi! Feel free to alter the amount of ingredients to suit your taste since the measurements here only serve as referral. If you want to skip using cardamom powder, no problem. If you don’t like rose petals, do away with them. Allergic to nuts? Use melon seeds instead. However, I do suggest using cracked black pepper (not black pepper powder) since it helps counter the sweetness of white chocolate. And, it also happens to be an integral part of the thandai spice mix.

350 grams / 2 C White Chocolate (you can use chocolate bar or chips)

2 tbsp Almond flakes

1½ tbsp chopped, Pistachio

1½ tsp Fennel Seeds

1½ tsp Poppy Seeds

1–1½ tbsp crushed, Rose Petals

½ – 1 tsp Cardamom Powder

½ tsp crushed Black Pepper

Scrap the chocolate if you are using chocolate bar. Line a 10′ X 8’ tray with grease proof paper or parchment paper. Set aside.

Place the chocolate in the top of a double boiler and melt it over simmering heat. Once the chocolate begins to melt around the edges, give it a gentle stir (I use spatula) and keep heating it. Stir again after a minute to check if the chocolate has completely melted.

Add cardamom powder and crushed black pepper (start by adding ¼th teaspoon of both). Stir it well.

Taste the chocolate and if you feel the need for adding more of either of the ingredients (i.e the pepper and cardamom), add more, little by little till you have the desired result.

Once the chocolate has completely melted remove it carefully from the double boiler. Keep stirring the chocolate for about half a minute and then pour it over the lined tray.

Spread it around evenly. Sprinkle evenly with poppy seeds and fennel seeds. Next sprinkle over the rose petals and then almonds and pistachio.

Allow the chocolate to cool down completely and then place it in the refrigerator till it sets. Break the chocolate in shards or slice them evenly using a sharp knife and serve. Enjoy!

Serves – 12 – 14

Note – Use a really good quality chocolate for best taste.

Thanks for your visit. See you soon again with another exciting recipe.


  1. I absolutely love your chocolate barks, specially with the fennel seeds and the rose petals…so elegant!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. These two actually give it a really delicious twist of taste 🙂 Thanks!

  2. As soon as I saw this on your IG, I wished I was right there somewhere around to have a bite into that loaded bark of white chocolate… I am not a fan of white chocolate but this bark really picks my interest… so much of a mouthful! <3

    1. Same with me Rafeeda! I am not white chocolate fan but in this recipe it was delicious. Everything came together so well. 🙂

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