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MUKHADI HALWA / सूजी का केरमेल हलवा (Caramel Semolina Pudding)

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It IS weird unusual not to post a dreamy chocolaty dish or one with strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Well, I have never been good in following the conventions anyway, so don’t be […]

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There is no love lost between me and the winter season. With frostnipped hands and feet, through out the peak season, who would like it anyway? (Btw, I […]

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LUP’PI – लप्पी (Chickpea Flour Sweet Soup) – gluten free & vegan friendly

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Every time I stir a pot of this aromatic, gluten free, chickpea flour based gruel, I am hit by this nostalgic wave of tsunamic proportion. The image of […]

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CHOORI / CHURI – चूरी (Sweet Crumbed Chapatti & Some Memories…)

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  No fancy post this one…despite considering that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. However, it is certainly a post about love since that is what Valentine’s […]

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SARSON Ka SAAG Aur MAKKI KI ROTI / सरसों का साग और मक्की की रोटी (Tempered Mustard Greens w/ Cornmeal Flatbread)

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  Punjabi cuisine is rich and robust; food that fits the lifestyle of the rural Punjabi way of life since most folk burn up loads of calories working […]