My family prefers having oats in a cookies way more than having them in the form of porridge. Oat cookies, are healthy, easy to make, great for breakfast (especially for those hectic maddening weekday mornings), good to snack on or to pack for kid’s snack box…who am I to complain?! And yes, they are eggless and take no more than half an hour, of your precious time, to get ready. A winner all the way! This recipe is originally meant for flapjacks, also know as health bars and you can bake them in an eight inch square tin or may be a rectangular baking tin if you fancy. Bake them just as you would bake the flapjacks. They will take approximately the same baking time as these cookies. My daughter thinks they tasted similar to cookies she used to have from ‘Cookie Man’ confection. Enjoy them in bars (flapjacks) or as cookies. But we prefer cookies to bars since the bars turn out somewhat chewy. If you are unable to get your hands on rolled oats feel free to swap them with muesli.

1 C scant (100g) Flour (Maida)

1 C Oats (100g) Rolled Oats

½ C Caster Sugar

½ C Desiccated Coconut

3 tbsp Chia Seeds

3 tbsp Cacao Nibs

100g Butter (Coconut oil for Vegans)

1 tbsp of golden syrup, or treacle

2 tbsp boiling Water

1 tsp Baking Soda (bicarbonate of soda)


Preheat the oven to 170°C. Grease two baking sheets and set them aside.

In a bowl, mix together the first six ingredients in the ingredient list. Keep aside.

In a wok or pan, melt the butter on medium heat. As soon as it melts, add the golden syrup and stir it in.

Add the boiling water and immediately add the soda and whisk it in. It will begin to foam up.

Remove from heat and quickly add and stir in the the dry ingredients. Mix everything well so there are no dry bits.

Take a tablespoon full of the mixture and roll it into a ball. Place it on to the greased baking sheet keeping a distance of two inces between each cookie.

Bake the cookie dough for 20 minutes or until the balls flatten and are golden brown in colour. (I like mine crisp so I baked them for 22 minutes)

Remove the baking sheet from the oven and allow the cookies to cool before you remove them onto a wire rack.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t have chia seeds or cacao nibs. Add what ever you wish to! Go ahead with choco chips, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts of your choice…basically what ever you fancy.

Note: If I was to make any edits to this recipe, I would probably go with a little less butter and throw in some finely chopped walnuts.

Note: If you have a single baking sheet like I do, you will obviously have to wait for the first batch to come out of the oven before you can go with the second round baking. I suggest that when you put in the second batch of cookies to bake, flatten the balls of the second batch to half their size. This is to ensure that the cookies spread and bake well like the first batch.

Yield – 18 Cookies

Adapted from here

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  1. These looks so good as cookies, why would one even consider flapjacks. Just the way I like my cookie, crispy around the edges and soft in the middle.

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