How we all love recipes that are effortless yet the end result is nothing less than fantastic! This chicken recipe falls exactly under that category. Effortless, simple and packed with flavours and great to serve for starters or as a side dish. We often have it for weekday meal with some toasted garlic bread and a salad comprising greens. All you need to do is mix the ingredients of marinade and marinate the chicken for a few hours. The only effort that goes in the making of this chicken is possibly peeling and grating the onion. It is an absolute win win recipe in my book. This recipe has received much love from all those who have eaten or tried it in their kitchen. Really simple and easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat!

As you can see, I posted this recipe way back in 2011 i.e. the year I started blogging. I used to have a point and shoot camera then and I used it for the first two years of blogging. Later I switched to a digital camera. However,  a few years back, due to an error, I managed to delete all the pictures on my blog! It was kind of devastating and I tried uploaded many posts with fresh pictures but somehow this post gave me a really tough time vis-à-vis the quality of pictures I shot. At times the background was not suitable and at others the props failed me. (To make my point, right below, I have shared a pic I had clicked earlier that looks totally blah) The pictures were failing to do justice to how good the chicken tastes! Since chicken is really simple with no fried onions or ginger-garlic and very few spices, I found it very hard to make it look tempting through my lens. Basically it needed a revamp, from the composition to props and a much needed pop of colour. I finally have pictures that I am happy with and eager to share 🙂

You will need:

1 skinless Chicken, on bones (900 gm approximately) cut in medium sized pieces

1/3 C Yogurt

1½ tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

1 large Onion (grated) – (u can reduce or increase the amount to taste)

2 tsp Oil

½ tsp Cumin seeds

½ – ¾ tsp Red Chilli Powder (we prefer using ¾ tsp chili powder)

½ tsp Coriander Powder

1 tsp Dry Oregano, crushed

Salt to taste

Clean and wash the chicken and pat dry.

Mix in the ginger garlic paste, grated onion and chillies to the curd. Incorporate them all well. Marinate the chicken, ensuring that all pieces are coated well with the marinade. Keep the chicken covered with cling film in the refrigerator for at least half an hour and for maximum two and a half hours.

Heat the oil in a wok or thick bottom pan and swirl it around to grease the wok. Add the cumin seeds. Once they crackle, add the marinated chicken with its marinade. Sauté on high heat for one minute. Lower the heat and cover the chicken. The chicken will release water due to presence of yogurt.

Let it cook for 20-25 minutes (depending on the size of the chicken pieces). Do stir it occasionally. Increase the heat to maximum to reduce the marinade. Half way through, add oregano, salt, chilli powder and coriander powder. Keep stirring it till the marinade coats the chicken well. (Be careful not to dry-out the chicken)

Remove from the stove and transfer to the serving bowl. Serve hot with toasted garlic bread. ENJOY!

Note: In case you intend to keep the chicken dry, do it only if you intend to serve it right away, or else it will be too dry when you serve it. I would advise semi-dry since that way you can enjoy the flavours of the marinade much more and chicken will remain moist.

Note: I vehemently recommend and advise using chicken on bones coz that adds a lot of flavor to the chicken and does not let the chicken to dry out.

Note: I have used all cuts of chicken since each one in the family has their our own favorites. You can use thighs or drumsticks.

Serves 4 – 6

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  1. The addition of oregano to an Indian dish is very unusual. It has generated my interest in this preparation.

    1. Thanks so much Kirsten! Feeling great on being featured at your event. I tried leaving a comment on your blog but couldn’t. So pleased to know that you enjoyed this chicken preparation 🙂

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