SPROUTED MUNG BEAN SALAD CANAPES – अंकुरित मूँग दाल की सलाद

We often make sprouted beans salad (with a variety of pulses & beans) however a few months back, I served them as canapes and everyone loved the idea. I thought of sharing them here and it was probably in September last year that I started working on this post. After having styled the salad, I was all set to press the ‘click’ button. However, things went downhill when, to my utter horror, my camera shut down completely. I could switch it ‘on’ but by the time I set the focus in place and clicked the button, it shut down on its own. This happened good number of times and thinking of it as a battery issue I set the battery for charging. Still no luck. I even I bought a new battery but that too didn’t work. I tried fixing it by searching online how to trouble shoot this particular issue. But nothing worked and it was now evident that the camera needed expert intervention.

A search for an authorised service centre threw a surprise – Mumbai has just one authorized service centre for Canon. Since it wasn’t anywhere near my place, I got into procrastination mode and it went on for nearly a month before I managed to send the camera for fixing. The service centre took another two months time to fix it since it had developed some major snag. A couple of parts needed to be replaced and they also serviced the camera since there was fungus inside it (a common issue with cameras here since Mumbai has high levels of humidity). I finally got my camera and managed to style and click the salad in late December. It got slotted for publishing on a later date coz there many other exciting winter recipes in pipeline that needed to be shared then and I knew this salad had to wait till summers before I would be able to share it.

4 medium sized Apples

1 Lime

3 – 4 Cucumbers (depending on size)

1½ C Sprouted Mung Beans

½ C cooked Quinoa (equals ¼ C uncooked)

Salt to taste

¾ tsp Red Chili Flakes (it can be swapped with ½ tsp crushed black pepper)

2 tbsp shredded Carrots

3 tbsp Pomegranate arils

2 tbsp fresh Coriander (cilantro)

Juice of 1 Small Lime

Few wedges of Orange (optional)

1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (optional)

Cut the lime in four halves vertically. Remove pips and set aside.

Slice apples in roundels and remove the core (don’t worry about the small hole in the centre of apple slices since they will all be covered by slices of cucumber)

Rub the lime (squeezing it very gently) on the sliced apple pieces to prevent them from browning.

Peel, wash and pat dry the cucumber and slice them as well. I prefer slicing diagonally.

In a mixing bowl, throw in the sprouted mung beans, quinoa (cooked), salt, chili flakes, shredded carrots, pomegranate arils and fresh cilantro. Mix them well.

If you feel the need, add some lime juice (along with oil, if using). Mix well again.

Start stacking the salad on a serving plate or tray by placing a slice of cucumber over an apple slice.

Spoon over the mung beans salad over the apple–cucumber stack and garnish with pom arils and coriander leaf.

Feel free to sprinkle over some Chaat Masala if you wish to.

Makes – Approx. 24 Canapes (+/-)

Thanks for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting post!

6 thoughts on “SPROUTED MUNG BEAN SALAD CANAPES – अंकुरित मूँग दाल की सलाद

  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles with your camera last year. But glad you eventually got it sorted so we could see this delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad your camera is back in action! Beautiful sprout salad and you’ve made it even healthier by serving it on apple roundels. What a fabulous idea Taruna!

  3. Oh man, a fungus inside your camera!? I’ve never heard of that, but it makes sense. Either way, I’m glad your camera is back in action again. What a fun idea to serve this salad over apples + cucumbers! Thanks for sharing this one!

  4. Taruna, these look so refreshing and delicious! Perfect for these hot summer days! Love the cucumber and apple base.

    What a nightmare to have a problem with your camera. I’ve been taking mine in and out of air conditioning and a way too hot kitchen. I knew it couldn’t be good for the camera, but fungus?! Yikes! Glad you finally got it back!

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