‘The Best Ever’ SUJI HALWA / सूजी का हलवा (Cardamom & Saffron Semolina Pudding)

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Today was the day that I first time hit the publish button, with this post, at the EFS blog with a gamut of emotions running through my mind – excitement at the prospect of promising things to come, joy of beginning a new venture, pride for owning a blog, apprehension whether or not I was doing the right thing and whether anyone would ever visit EFS and fear of rejection/ failure and many such emotions which perhaps are difficult to put in words. But none of them included the emotion of confidence that I would be able to keep the blog running for four years; even though not consecutive four years. In fact I had never imagined that I would ever come this far. Nor had I imagined that EFS will be able to garner so much love and support from its readers, followers and fellow bloggers; feel blessed indeed. The blogging community is amazing and for the initial first year, I was in awe of it. I not only received love for my blog but also encouraging and understanding words. Words that sometimes helped me push myself & go beyond my capabilities, words that infused confidence in me during the blog’s initial phase, words that were kind and supportive. However, no words from my side are capable of expressing my gratitude to this amazing community of bloggers who have always been there with me, for me. And this stands true especially when, for personal reasons, I had to take a sabbatical from EFS for nearly a year. I was welcomed back with warmth and love as if I had never left the space! I thank you all for your immense and constant support. Without it, EFS would not have been celebrating this joyous 4th year of blogging.

We may be connecting with each other via this virtual world but I choose to believe our connections are unquestionably steadfast and sincere. You guys not just encouraged me and supported me but also opened before me a new world of cuisines. I learned a lot from my visits to your blogs – about new ingredients, about new dishes, new methods & styles of cooking, of ways to presenting food, of how to think out of the box and much more. These four years have been that of immense fun and learning.

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Unlike the Chocolate & Beetroot Cake that I baked for the third blog-anniversary, this time around I thought of celebrating it with an Indian dessert especially when I have been receiving requests for recipe for a decadent Sooji Halwa / Semolina Pudding. It happens to be my mother’s tried tested trusted recipe. My Mum’s recipes were mostly simple and humble except for her Snowball Pudding and the Caramel Bread Pudding and Orange Crème Caramel (will try to post it this year) where she used to add bread to give thickness to the pudding. I have taken the liberty to tweak her halwa recipe to make it even better. It so happened that long back, my husband and I were having lunch at a south Indian restaurant named Naivedyam at Hauz Khas Village and we ordered their Kesari (another name for Halwa or Sheera) for the dessert. I have never had such delicious halwa ever before. I used to enjoy mum’s preparation but theirs’ was melting in the mouth and delicious to the point of being addictive. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all the way back home. Now, my husband may not be able to cook to save his life but he has very refined taste buds. I can rarely fool him with a recipe where I happen to tweak it or try feeding his not so favourite food, disguised of course; he catches the missing or the added ingredients in an instant. He suggested that I try using milk to give the halwa that richness which we so loved in the restaurant halwa and use some saffron along with our usual spice, cardamom. Lo and behold! Bingo! It rather turned out better than the Naivedyam preparation! Hubby had indeed hit the nail.

Just as I had added toasted and coarsely powdered almonds for these Besan Laddus since my family does not like chopped pieces of nuts in their food. For this recipe too, I have added some toasted and crushed almonds that made the halwa even more luxurious and exquisite. I do not believe in using tags such as “best ever” when defining my recipes but for this one – I simply couldn’t resist coz this is seriously the best and the recipe is definitely for keepstrust me.

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You will need:

1 C Rava / Suji / Semolina

¾ C Home made Ghee

1 ½ C Water

2 C Milk

½ C Almonds, toasted and coarsely ground

1 Cup Sugar

¼ tsp Saffron strands (I used Kashmiri Saffron which is pretty strong)

½ tsp Cardamom Powder

A few almonds and raisins to garnish

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Measure out half a cup of milk from the two measured cups and warm it. Add the saffron strands and let it stand for at least an hour for the saffron to bleed its colour and infuse its flavours into the milk. Measure and keep rest of the ingredients ready at hand.

Melt the ghee in a heavy bottomed wok. Reduce the heat to medium low and add the semolina. Keep stirring and roasting till the semolina emanates a nice nutty aroma and changes its color (approximately 20 minutes)

Carefully add the water and milk, along with the saffron milk and increase the heat to medium high or high. (Reduce the heat when the liquid starts to splatter) Allow all the liquid to be absorbed or till the halwa starts coming together as one mass. Reduce the heat to minimum and add cardamom powder and crushed almonds. Mix well and switch off the heat. Stir in sugar till it is completely incorporated.

Serve garnished with almonds and raisins.

Serves: 8 – 10

Note: I soak the saffron for a good 3 hours.

Note: I did mention ¾ cup ghee (the amount my Mum used to use), however, I use ½ cup and I feel it is just as fine. You can adjust the amount that suits you.

Note: Since my family does not like nuts or raisins in their food, I added the nuts crushed. Feel free to add them chopped for texture and a more pronounced taste.

Note: The halwa tastes best served warm or hot.

Note: The halwa refrigerates well for 3 – 4 days. To reheat the halwa you can add a few tablespoons of milk.

Note: You can add some desiccated or freshly grated coconut to the halwa if you wish to or sprinkle some over the top along with the nuts and raisins.


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Thanks for your visit and see you soon again

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59 thoughts on “‘The Best Ever’ SUJI HALWA / सूजी का हलवा (Cardamom & Saffron Semolina Pudding)

  1. Congratulations!! 4 years is an awesome achievement! May you have many, many more years of delicious blogging. I have been craving suji halwa…pooris too. I think I’m going to have to break down and make this best ever version 🙂

    You know, I keep siging up for your emails but just don’t get them. They don’t even go to my spam…am I the only one with this issue? I’ll sign up again.

    1. Thank you so much Nazneen! Pooris and halwa are a typical way north Indians enjoy the halwa 😀
      So sorry about the sign up problem. I have been trying to work it out with my IT guy but it seems to be persisting still. May be you can try to follow and get the updates via Bloglovin. I am providing you with the link…

    1. Thanks Angie. I hope you get to try it sometime and enjoy its wonderful flavors 🙂

  2. Nice journey of blogging is it for all of us. Like you, I learned a lot from visiting and commenting on others. Most importantly to write better. Of course yours is way 100% better, so I do picked up some words from how you write. And let’s no talk about your camera skills because the only thing that I can say is the pictures are drop dead stunning.

    My hub does not go into the nitty gritty stuffs about what I cook but he sure knows when flavors don’t click.

    Kesari is ever loved though I eat like a bird – so little yet fulfilling. Your version is equally stunning as the pictures.

    1. Thanks Nav for your wonderful words. You certainly made my day 😀
      You rightly said about Kesari, it is indeed a rich dessert and a little goes a long way. I usually have it for breakfast since being active for the rest of the day ensures that it gets digested and does make me feel ‘full’.

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary, wishing many more to come in your way. Suji halwa looks delicious and perfect treat.

    1. Thanks Asha 🙂 You right said…I tried to make up for my late mother’s absence by sharing her recipe on this day 🙂

    1. Thanks Sindhiya for your visit and your wishes 🙂 Hoping to seeing you here more often 🙂

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary Taruna!! It is thrilling to know more people of the same mindset through the environment of blogging and its astonishing that what ever the cultures we belong to or languages we speak we can communicate and connect to each other by one simple means, which is food. Happy Blogging!!

    The Rava Halwa recipe sounds simply amazing because of the ingredients you incorporated there, especially saffron and almonds.

    1. Well said Shibi and thanks for your warm wishes. I hope you give a try to this halwa 🙂

  5. Congratulations on completing 4 years blogging journey:)This is truly a milestone to be celebrated and I’m happy to getting to know you through this journey:)…Way to go dear:)

  6. 4 years is definitely an achievement and I am so glad you kept going… 🙂 Like you said, the blogging fraternity is really encouraging and that’s what keeps all of us moving! 🙂 Such a simple yet exquisite dessert to celebrate this moment… Love the way you make it especially the almond twist… it’s been ages since I made suji halwa, your pics are tempting me to head towards the kitchen to make some, though now I cannot, since the only kitchen is the one in the office right now! 😉 Keep rocking dear and wish u many many more awesome years ahead…

    I hope you are around for a long time, Taruna, tempting our tastebuds with gorgeous eats and treats like this saffron halwa!

    1. Hi Chris! I knew already that you and I share our blog-anniversary dates. In fact I visited your blog that day but you had not yet uploaded your anniv. post then. 🙂

  8. Congrats! Glad you’re doing what you do — you’re a great read, and I love you photos. Not to mention your recipes. 🙂 Like this one — really good. Hope you keep going forever!

  9. Thats a wonderful way to celebrate your blog anniversary..The halwa looks super rich and tempting..May you continue to tempt us with Your invitng clicks and delectabe dishes…Congrats dear wish you many succesful years of blogging.

  10. Happy birthday to Easy Food Smith! May you be blessed with further success, and may the bonds of blogging continue to join us all 🙂

    Milk is such a great addition to Sooji ka Halwa! I learned this “secret” last year and haven’t gone back since 🙂

    1. Thanks Henna for your warm wishes. Milk is indeed ‘the’ ingredient which makes such a huge difference to this otherwise simple pudding.

  11. Many Congratulations on your blog’s 4th Anniv. Suji Halwa looks scrumptious…. I wish I can have a bowl now..
    Kesari is a popular sweet prepared in the South India along with a snack that is served in the evenings for tiffin , if its special day or you have guests around.

    I have added Kesari to my bucket list of posts for my blog 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sandhya. I wish I could sent across this bowl to you 😀 I hope you try it soon 🙂

  12. Congratulations on 4 years and I’m hoping you’ll keep blogging for many more. I always enjoy your recipes and your photography. Loving the beautiful blues in these pictures. The color really complements the food!

  13. Heyyy. . . Happy anniversary. .!!!
    I love ur recipe, the photos n the flavour. . And the way you write is just icing on the cake.. I simply love ur post.. Your blog inspires a dumb at cooking like me to cook. .. the way u talk about cooking is music to my ears..
    Many many more to come. . As we too get to know n read more. . 🙂
    Wish you a lot of success n happiness in this journey. . Sky is the limit !!!

  14. Congratulation Taruna for 4 years of sharing awesome food and and great photography! And any more to come 🙂 The Halwa looks absolutely delicious and the pictures bring the food to life.

  15. Congrats Taruna on your 4 th blog anniversary, let me tell you it’s always a pleasure and fun visiting!
    What a sweet way to celebrate, the dessert looks and sounds like a huuge temptation 🙂

  16. Thanks for sharing this article. I like sooji halwa very much definitely i will try this. And also sooji has many health benefits. If you want to know its health benefits visit our site.

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