NAMKEEN SATTU SHARBAT – सत्तू का नमकीन शर्बत (Savoury Black Chickpea Flour Drink)

Forget fancy protein shakes and drinks and grab this desi protein rich drink made with the Indian wonder food or super food – Sattu. Sattu is made with roasted and ground brown chick peas which is popular as bhuna kala chana. It is the most incredible ingredient that is enriched with some amazing health benefits and is delicious savoury drink to enjoy during summers. I have, in fact, earlier shared a sweet drink (refined sugar free) made with jau ka sattu i.e. roasted and powdered barley. I also add the bhuna chana to my coconut chutney instead of peanuts, for that toasty flavour and it does an amazing job.

A sattu drink is considered to provide you protein that is equivalent to a whey protein shake. It is one of the richest source of vegan or vegetarian protein and it is easily absorbed by the body. It is used extensively in Bihar, Jharkhand and also eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. The best part about sattu is that when you consume it stuffed, in paratha or in litti or in a flaky crispy kachori, it provides warm effect to the body and when it is mixed in water and consumed in summers, it helps keep the body cool. Amazing, right?! I am always in awe of the wisdom of our ancestors.

Earlier considered as a poor man’s food, thanks to social media, it has now become popular as a super food and it is getting its due recognition outside the states of UP and Bihar.

There is no recipe as such. You simply need to mix a few teaspoons of sattu in water along with kala namak, bhuna jeera, some finely chopped green chilli and onion (both are optional but recommended, especially onion which provides protection against hot summer winds) and some mint, which aids in digestion.

You can also add some tangy touch by adding either of these – dry mango powder (amchur), tamarind water or chaat masala. Or you can totally skip the tangy touch and go with the ingredients that I mentioned earlier. Adjust the amount of ingredients to suit your taste and cool off this summer with the sattu ka namkeen sharbat.

(You cannot swap sattu with besan, if that thought crossed your mind. Also, the sattu drink does not taste raw because it is made with roasted chana)

Here is how we like ours 🙂

1½ – 2 tbsp Sattu

¼ – ½ tsp Kala Salt / Black Salt

½ tsp Bhuna Jeera / Roasted Powdered Cumin Seeds

½ tsp Lemon Juice (optional)

5 – 6 Mint Leaves

1 tsp finely chopped Coriander Leaves

250 ml chilled Water

1 tsp finely chopped Red Onion, optional

Tear the mint leaves and mix it with finely chopped coriander leaves.

Mix together all the ingredients in a glass or bowl and stir them well. This is how I have seen my mother-in-law make the sattu sharbat.

However, I prefer to first make a slurry with some water and sattu. This ensures that there are no dry patches or ‘knots’ of sattu in water. Or you can add everything in a blender (except onion, mint and coriander leaves) and blend the contents well.

Taste the sattu drink and adjust the ingredients to taste before serving.

Pour in serving glasses and top with mint and coriander leaves and some finely chopped red onion. Add ice cubes if needed. Enjoy!

Serves – 1

Note – If you are in a mood for sweeter version of sattu drink, add two teaspoons of jaggery powder, a little bit of ginger juice, lime juice, two tablespoons of sattu along with some crushed mint leaves to 250 ml of chilled water, whisk well and enjoy. You can add rock salt and some roasted jeera powder also but that’s optional.

Thank you for your visit and see you soon, again, with another exciting recipe! 

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