BADAM BURFI TRUFFLE – बादाम बर्फी ट्रफल (Almond Fudge Truffle)

First things first. There is one thing I really need to address here regarding the Indian fudge, popular as barfi. Many people call it/ write it as barfi and I have a problem with that coz this makes it sound like barf which makes it so very unappetising. It is not even pronounced as barfi! It is a burfi and it is pronounced as burr-fee. Therefore, call it a burfi and not barfi…pleeeease!!!

Now on to the post. I created this post with the intent of creating a dessert that would also make a great Diwali edible gift. It is traditional dessert presented in a glamourized avatar. Call it fusion dessert or east meets west dessert, if you may. The petite bite sized dessert can be made even two to three weeks ahead of the festival. Tuck it safely in an air tight container inside the fridge till you need to use it. It is easy, simple, so delicious and has all the makings of a rich yet healthy-ish treat.

Feel free to enjoy them as burfi or as truffle. If not truffle, you can drizzle some chocolate over the burfi if you like. (Just ensure that you keep a tray lined with parchment paper or butter paper, ready, before you begin making the burfi) I have shared the procedure for both – burfi and truffles since I turned half the batch into burfi and half into truffles. Make what best suits your taste 🙂

For Burfi

2 C Almond meal (ground almonds/ powdered almonds)

6–7 tbsp Sugar (adjust sweetness to taste)

½ C Water

½ tsp Cardamom Powder (optional)

For Chocolate Coating

100 gm Dark Chocolate (use the best quality available)

Take a sauce pan and place it on stove top on high heat.

Add water, sugar and cardamom and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Once the water comes to rolling boil, add almond meal and reduce to heat to low/ minimum.

Keep stirring and cooking the ingredients till the almond meal leaves the sides and comes together in a ball. (I have cooked several batches of this burfi and each took me exactly six minutes to reach this stage)

To check if the almond burfi is ready or not, pinch a small portion and roll it between your fingers. If it comes together as a non–sticky ball, you have achieved the desired consistency.

Switch off the heat and remove the contents onto a greased plate. Allow the contents to cool a little. When they are hot enough to handle lightly knead them for a few seconds. (If the burfi / fudge seems to be dry, add just a teaspoon or two of milk and bring it all together. Add milk gradually and very little by little else the dough will turn very sticky and you will have to cook it again)

To Make Burfi

Transfer the contents to the greased tray. Pat and smoothen the top and sprinkle finely chopped nuts over it, if desired. Or you can roll it between two parchment sheets and cut it to desired size and shape.

To make Truffles

Turn the burfi dough into an 11 inch log and then pinch and divide it to attain nine equal sized portions.

Roll them into balls and make them while the dough is still warm. (If the dough is drying out, add a teaspoon or two of milk and mix everything well. Add milk gradually and little by little else the dough will turn very sticky and you will have to cook it again) Set aside while we melt the chocolate.

Melt chocolate in a bowl over bain marie. Stir gently and remove the bowl from heat. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper or butter paper and set aside.

One by one, dip each ball in chocolate, allow the excess to drip away and transfer each chocolate covered ball on the baking sheet. If you wish to garnish them with nuts or rose petals or any other embellishments, do it when the chocolate is beginning to set on the top and not before that.

Chill in the fridge and serve! These stay well in the fridge for two to three weeks

Yield – 18 burfi (1½ inch square size each of 1 cm thickness)

Yield – 18 truffles (bite size)

Please read the ‘notes’ at the end of the post

Note – The almond meal that I used was not very finely ground. I had got my stash from Dubai through a friend.

Note – The cooking time might vary so I vehemently advise that please do the ‘ball test’ and do not rely completely on the amount of time that I have provided. The test will certainly help you achieve the right consistency for the fudge.

Note – You can use eight tablespoons (i.e. half a cup) to ten tablespoons of sugar for this recipe if you like your desserts to be much on the sweeter side.

Thank you for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!

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