CHANA DAL, MATAR AUR HARA LEHSUN KA PULAO / चना दाल, मटर और हरा लहसुन का पुलाव (Spring Garlic, Chana Dal & Green Pea Pilaf)

It is hard to describe my excitement when I saw the tender spring garlic in the market and it goes without saying that it was harder to resist not buying it even though they hit my pocket hard. I had last had potatoes stir fried in the chopped spring garlic nearly a decade ago; they tasted awesome. The best thing about spring garlic is that it is not strong and pungent like the mature garlic. Spring garlic has this mellow quality about it that is not over powering; the flavors are subtle yet distinctively garlicky. 
Pilaf gives one the liberty to become whimsicalhow you ask? One just needs to add whatever one fancies to the rice and the end result is a delicious rewarding rice dish one pot meal; sweet or savory! Simple that a pilaf may be, yet it happens to be such a wonderful fragrant dish which is great on its own and with a side dish or an accompaniment of pickle or chutney; not to forget a drizzle of ghee over hot pilaf J I like to serve savory pilafs with Boondi Raita.
Serve with accompaniments of your choice. I usually pair them in groups, such as chutney with papad and yogurt or ghee with pickle and papad. Make your own combinations and enjoy! 
3/4th glass Basmati Rice
1½ glasses Water
250-300 grams Spring Garlic (Garlic Shoots)
½ heaped cup Green Peas (fresh or frozen) 1/3 heaped cup Split Bengal gram Dal (soaked over night or in hot water for at least two hours)
1 inch stick Cinnamon
5 Cloves
½ tsp Cumin Seeds
1 Bay Leaf 2-3 tbsp Oil Salt and red chili powder to taste ½ tsp Garam masala

To serve:

Dahi or Boondi Raita
Pick, wash (give it at least 5 – 6 washes ensuring that you do not rub the rice vigorously else the grains will break) and soak rice for half an hour. Keep aside. Wash and clean the spring garlic and chop it along with the greens. Keep aside. Heat oil in a heavy bottom pot and pop in the cinnamon, cloves, cumin leaves and bay leaf. Once the spices become aromatic, add sliced spring garlic and saute for a few seconds.  Add the dal, peas and drained rice. Stir in the salt, chili powder and garam masala. Fry for a minute. Add the measured out water and wait for it to begin boiling.  Cover the pot with a tight lid and reduce the flame to minimum. Do not open the lid while the rice is cooking. Let it cook for 15 minutes. Remove from the flame and open the lid after 10 minutes. Fluff the rice with a fork and serve hot with your favorite accompaniment/s.   Note: The cooking time of the rice will depend on the quality of the rice that you are using. Note: Do not be horrified with the amount of garlic that went into this pulao. As I mentioned earlier, the flavors of spring garlic are delicate and if you reduce the amount it won’t impart a lovely garlicky flavour to the pulao; it would end up tasting just like any other pulao.

Serves 4  Try more of such one pot meal dishes, Kale Moti Biryani (Bengal Gram Biryani) Yakhni Pula (Lamb Pilaf  – a delicately flavored pilaf)


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  1. I sow garlic in a pot at my home to relish the flavor of it’s leaves someday. …Amazing flavor its has…
    Nice snaps…

  2. Hallo.
    Ein schönes Rezept aber Ghee ist nicht vegan, vielleicht sollte sie noch ein Ersatz dazu schreiben, ja, ich weiß man es natürlich selber austauschen es ist aber immer besser wenn man es mit dazu schreibt.
    Viele Grüße,
    Jesse Gabriel

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for visiting EFS.
      Ghee is not a part of this recipe but rather an accompaniment which is optional. But you rightly pointed out that it would be better to mention it as being non-vegan.

  3. Oh, sorry, ich habe erst jetzt gelesen das sie Öl dazu geschrieben habe.
    Viele Grüße,
    Jesse Gabriel

  4. Can I just tell you that your photography is amazing?! I loveeeeee your stories and photography and am so glad I came across your blog!

  5. Green garlic is my absolute favorite – It has been ages I cooked with it! These pulao looks tempting – I have to get my hands on some green garlic and try your recipe soon! Your photography is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks alot Medha. It means a lot coming from you.
      It is rare that I can find green garlic here and when I saw it the other day I just wanted to use it asap. I didn’t want to mull over as to how to make it or create a dish. I just made it into something that first popped up in my mind!!

  6. Looks great, chana dal is my favourite dal! I am also learning a different way of cooking Indian from your blog. I’ll have to check your blog for kadi as I don’t know how to cook this yet and would love to know how!

  7. Nice recipe. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I want to take a photo class but just haven’t found the time or someone to teach me one on one what I want to learn – which basically is everything!

    1. Thanks alot Vicky. I too began with just a camera in my hands! No body to help or explain anything…forget nuances!! I guess you just need to pick the camera, go through the manual and start clicking! You will learn on the way 🙂

  8. Loved the first click!!! I never used spring garlic in my food. Last year I planted some garlic pods, hope it will come this spring and I am looking forward to use it after seeing this post 🙂

  9. Thank you so much everyone for your feedback and comments. I hope you are able to get your hands on the spring garlic and make something interesting with it this spring 🙂

  10. Oh I’m loving seeing all of these spring foods popping up! Hopefully that means winter is over. That spring garlic is gorgeous and I would have grab a bunch as well. What a great flavor and the pilaf you made is awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with more spring beauties!

  11. Don’t know why but I don’t see your post in blogger followers. No wonder I’ve missed your recipes. Rice? Mmmm!!! A big fan for anytime of the day and it has to be when we are the typical Asian. Nice veg version. Thanks for the recipe because at times I’m going mad trying to decide on what to cook on our meatless Saturdays. Is spring garlic the same as spring onions. For me, both appears the same.

  12. hi smith, i was looking for dry potato and green garlic recipe but i got ur recipe of green pulao. really its amazing and mouth watering………… u shared ur experience about potato and green garlic sabzi …can u please share that recipe with us….. i am dying to make it and eat it . i never had ever in my life but heard so much about that. good luck.

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