Potato is probably the most widely eaten vegetable across the world. Perhaps it’s the versatility of the potato that makes it a favourite; you can enjoy it baked, mashed, fried, steamed, creamed, curried or any which way that one likes to consume it!  In fact you can enjoy it in a muffin!

Though frying it for too long or deep frying it makes it lose its food value, yet it is an excellent source of fibre and carbohydrates when consumed baked, stir fried or steamed. I believe for this reason, my gym instructor had once advised me to eat a boiled potato along with an apple before hitting the gym.

Non-vegetarians should take their potatoes seriously. Studies, not long back, have shown that eating potatoes along with meat dishes actually reduces the risk of cancer posed by the red meat.

I have been been making this recipe since long and I always serve it along side my garlic mutton chops (which is a very healthy recipe that requires not a drop of oil) at parties and formal dinners and I always get asked for its recipe.

This ‘fast to cook and good to eat’ recipe of potato is an excellent side dish with meaty dishes/ barbecue and vegetarians can enjoy it as a side dish with some salad and crusty garlic bread.

I have reposted this recipe, which i had first shared on May 30, 2011. I have updated this post with better pictures and also upgraded the recipe a wee bit.


300 gm Baby Potatoes (boiled and sliced in thick roundels)

150 gm Onions (peeled,cut in roundels and separated)

½ tsp Chilli flakes (adjust to taste)

1/3 tsp Dried Mixed Herbs (or any herb of your choice)

Salt to taste

2 tbsp cooking Oil (or you can use butter or use half olive oil and half butter)

Zest of a Lime (optional but recommended)

Juice of half a lemon (you can adjust the amount to suit your taste)


Heat a frying pan and add one tablespoon of oil or butter. On medium high heat, add onions and stir fry them for 15 to 20 seconds. Immediately add the potatoes (add a little more oil if required) and give them a quick stir. Allow the potatoes to change colour and turn a bit golden. Now add the salt, chilli flakes, mixed herbs and lemon zest. Stir the ingredients together and transfer them out in a bowl. They can be served hot, warm or at room temperature. I like to serve them with some pickled onions.

Serves 2 – 3

Note – I prefer using the longish and slender potatoes, popular as fingerling potatoes. However, they are not always available therefore I use baby potatoes instead.

Note – Keep the thickness of the onions and potatoes the same.

Thank you for your visit and see you soon again with another exciting recipe!


  1. We can’t get enough potatoes. Stir fried potatoes with onion are some of our favorites, so your variation looks quite appealing. Love the addition of the lime zest and lemon juice as well as serving with pickled onion. That’s a great way to give a simple skillet of potatoes a kick.

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